Druk Heritage Tours is the ultimate travel specialist if you are looking for an authentic Bhutanese experience, where your entire holiday in Bhutan is planned & prepared for you as per your choice and interests.

Only 3 groups a month are accepted here – be it an adventurous Solo Traveller, Honeymoon couple getting to know each other, a Family coming together to celebrate or a group of friends & colleagues looking for a good time.

Immerse yourself in our divine experiences, immersive paths and quiet contemplation in the most exquisite locations we have selected for you here.


Travel will show you things you never considered. Travel is about Eliminating language barriers. Understanding People, Culture and religion. And rediscovering yourself in a fun way.


Bhutan was simply fascinating and Druk Heritage was an excellent choice.  My travel specialist and his team knew exactly what was needed out of this very special trip.  Budget wasn’t an issue because I got more than what I deserved. Worth every dollar. 

Dr Loretta Chen
from Hawaii.

I am extraordinarily grateful to Karma and his team for putting together an itinerary that not just met my needs but exceeded all  expectations.  I was hand held from the off, from the visas, documents to check ins and the amount of currency I would require each day.  The pace was great, giving the traveller the time to absorb and dream.

Bryan Koh 
from Singapore.

My family of four had the most amazing tour of Bhutan made so memorable not just by the amazing country but also by Druk Heritage Tours! From our initial contact with them until they delivered us back to the airport they took such good care of us. Our guide Sonam and Kalden made sure everything was perfect.

Amy Mmahat Closs
from New Orleans.