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What Makes You Unique?

Druk Heritage Tours is the ultimate travel specialist if you are looking for an authentic Bhutanese experience where your entire holiday in Bhutan is planned & prepared for you as per your choice and interests.

Only 3 groups a month are accepted here – be it An adventurous Solo Traveller, Honeymoon couple getting to know each other, A Family coming together to celebrate or a Group of friends & colleagues looking for a good time.

Immerse yourself in our divine experiences, immersive paths and quiet contemplation in the most exquisite locations we have selected for you here.

All our clients so far have been like family to us, easy to plan with and take care of and they have experienced incredible results. All your travel arrangements are made by our unique professional team according to your personal wishes.

Apply now for your Ideal Getaway to Bhutan with your tailor made proposals.

Been disappointed with your previous trips, this is what you need – Let us show you! You will be thanking us at the end of your Journey.

What are you looking for on your trip to Bhutan?