Bhutan’s rugged terrain and winding roads make bike tours a hit among tourists and locals alike. This Himalayan kingdom offers diverse biking routes, from easy paved roads to challenging off-road paths. 

A Bhutan bike tour provides a unique closeness to nature, creating a special connection with its people and environment that a regular trip might not offer. 

With the durable and efficient Royal Enfield Himalayan as your companion, your journey will be unforgettable.

That’s why we’ve curated the ultimate Bhutan motorcycle adventure, featuring all of the 8 must-visit bike routes so you can experience this thrilling journey firsthand.

1. Bhutan Bike Tour: Paro Valley to Thimphu Valley 

Bhutan bike ride from Paro Valley to Thimphu Valley

The Bhutan bike tour from Paro Valley to Thimphu Valley is a popular and scenic route offering a mix of cultural and natural experiences. 

Spanning approximately 65 kilometers, this journey takes around 2-3 hours by car, but the Bhutan bike tour allows you to fully immerse in the scenic views of valleys and hills. The winding, hilly roads add to the adventure while showcasing breathtaking landscapes.

Stone castle of Bhutan

Along the way, you’ll encounter historical sites like the 16th-century Dogar Druk Chokhorgang fortress, perched on a hilltop near the confluence of the Paro and Thimphu rivers at Chuzom. This fortress is considered Bhutan’s first model Dzong.

You’ll also pass local vendors selling organic fruits and vegetables in charming roadside sheds. 

This Bhutan bike tour uniquely blends culture, history, and natural beauty, making it an unforgettable experience for adventure seekers and explorers of Bhutan’s stunning landscapes.

2. Bhutan Bike Tour: Thimphu Valley to Punakha Valley

Bhutan bike ride from new capital to old capital of Bhutan

Embark on an epic biking adventure from Thimphu Valley to Punakha Valley, where every twist and turn reveals Bhutan’s wonders

Your Bhutan bike tour kicks off with a thrilling ascent to the renowned Dochu La Pass, standing tall at 3,100 meters, treating you to jaw-dropping vistas of the Himalayas and the iconic 108 Chortens, a poignant tribute to Bhutanese heroes.

Pedal through diverse terrain, from gentle slopes to challenging climbs, savoring every moment and pausing to relish the awe-inspiring mountain panoramas. Catch your breath at the pass’s prayer flags and cozy cafeteria, soaking in the serene atmosphere.

Punakha Valley

As you descend into Punakha Valley, you will feel the temperature shift and the landscape transform before your eyes. 

Dive into Punakha Fortress’s rich history, nestled at the convergence of the Pho and Mo rivers, housing Bhutan’s most sacred relics and offering a glimpse into the nation’s spiritual heart. 

Get ready for an expedition brimming with adventure, culture, and natural splendor during your Bhutan bike tour from the current capital to the old capital of Bhutan.

3. Bhutan Bike Tour: Punakha Valley to Bumthang Valley

Bhutan bike ride from Punakha Valley to Bumthang Valley

On this thrilling Bhutan bike tour from Punakha Valley to Bumthang Valley,  you’ll encounter a diverse terrain mix of flat stretches, gradual climbs, and exhilarating mountain passes. 

Your Bhutan bike tour begins on the main highway, winding eastward with scenic views along the Mo Chu River. 

Take a breather in Trongsa Valley, a charming town boasting the impressive Trongsa Dzong, which is also known as the balcony of Bhutan. But hold onto your handlebars, as the real adventure begins with the most challenging part of the journey. 

Pele La and Yotong La Passes

Brace yourself for the ultimate challenge as you tackle high mountain passes like Pele La and Yotong La, reaching heights of over 3,000 meters and surrounded by colorful prayer flags.
With steep climbs and winding switchbacks, each pedal stroke brings you closer to the breathtaking vistas of the sacred Bumthang valley below. Get ready to conquer the road and immerse yourself in Bhutan’s unparalleled beauty and adventure!

4. Bhutan Bike Tour:  Bumthang Valley to Mongar Valley

Bhutan trip on a motorcycle from Bumthang Valley to Mongar Valley

Get ready for an epic biking adventure through Bhutan’s hidden gems, from the lush Bumthang Valley to the remote beauty of Mongar Valley. 

This 196-kilometer Bhutan bike tour promises jaw-dropping Himalayan panoramas and an authentic taste of Bhutan’s eastern charm. 

Expect a mix of smooth roads and rugged trails, with the occasional uphill battle—especially when conquering the lofty Thrumshing La pass. 
But fear not, for every uphill grind during this Bhutan trip is rewarded with exhilarating descents, treating you to sweeping valley vistas that’ll steal your breath away.

Ura Valley

Starting from Bumthang, pedal eastward toward Ura Valley, where quaint cobblestone streets beckon. Then, brace yourself for the main stretch to Mongar Valley, where the journey peaks at Thrumshing La before descending into a whole new world of culture and scenery.

5. Bhutan Bike Tour: Mongar Valley to Lhuntse Valley

Mongar Valley

Prepare for the ultimate off-the-grid escapade from Mongar Valley to Lhuntse Valley, a hidden gem reserved for the boldest bikers. 

This Bhutan bike tour, covering about 180 kilometers, promises a rugged landscape, deep cultural immersion, and a test of your riding skills. 

Brace yourself for a wild ride through varied terrain—think unpaved roads peppered with loose gravel, hairpin bends, and maybe even a splash through water crossings, depending on the season. 

Starting northward from Mongar Valley, you’ll gradually leave civilization behind, venturing into the heart of eastern Bhutan’s untamed beauty. Stock up on essentials in the quaint town of Korphu before tackling the toughest stretch: a 110-kilometer odyssey to Lhuntse.

Lhuntse Valley

This leg demands grit as you conquer high mountain passes amid breathtaking panoramas and sparse settlements. 

But the rewards! Descend into Lhuntse Valley, where lush foliage and ancient landmarks await, a fitting end to an epic journey through Bhutan’s untouched wilderness.

6. Bhutan Bike Tour: Lhuntse Valley to Tashigang Valley

Experience Lhuntse Valley during Bhutan motorcycle adventure

Gear up for an exhilarating Bhutan bike tour from Lhuntse Valley to Tashigang Valley, tailored for seasoned riders craving diverse terrain and cultural immersion. 

Spanning approximately 190 kilometers, this Bhutan bike tour promises a blend of paved roads and challenging unpaved stretches, including gravel patches and winding switchbacks. 

Setting off westward, you’ll soak in panoramic vistas of Lhuntse Valley before reaching Trongsa, a bustling hub boasting the grand Trongsa Dzong. This commanding fortress is the longest dzong in Bhutan and connects the west and east of Bhutan. 

Tashigang Valley

Covering 110 kilometers, expect a medley of landscapes, from quaint villages to undulating hills. 

As you approach Tashigang Valley, be prepared for awe-inspiring views that epitomize Bhutan’s natural beauty. This Bhutan bike ride isn’t just about the journey; it’s a symphony of adventure and cultural discovery waiting to unfold. 

7. Bhutan Bike Tour: Tashigang Valley to Trashiyangtse Valley

Bhutan bike ride in Tashigang Valley

Embarking on a Bhutan bike tour from Tashigang Valley to Trashiyangtse Valley promises a picturesque adventure, a bit less rugged than its eastern counterparts. 

Picture this: a 160-kilometer stretch of smooth, paved roads awaiting your wheels. As you throttle along, expect a blend of gentle ascents and descents, all amidst breathtaking valley panoramas and quaint townscapes.

Your expedition kicks off from Tashigang Valley, guiding you westward toward Kanglung, over 70 kilometers (about 43 miles) of scenic delights. 

En route, soak in the grandeur of Tashigang Valley and its mountainous backdrop. Kanglung, your midway point, is renowned for its vibrant weaving industry and traditional dwellings.

Bike ride to Trashiyangtse Valley

This Bhutan bike tour persists another 90 kilometers to Trashiyangtse Valley, unfurling a tapestry of rural life and charming hamlets. Revel in the simplicity of Bhutanese village existence as you draw closer to your destination. 

Behold, as Trashiyangtse Valley emerges, possibly graced by the regal presence of Trashiyangtse Dzong atop a distant hillock.

8. Bhutan Bike Tour: Trashiyangtse Valley to Phobjikha Valley

Bhutan trip from Trashiyangtse Valley to Phobjikha Valley

Venture on an exhilarating motorcycle expedition from Trashiyangtse Valley to Phobjikha Valley, unveiling the heart of central Bhutan along the way. 

This Bhutan bike tour route promises a tapestry of landscapes and cultural encounters. 

The terrain, a dynamic blend of smooth asphalt and rugged paths, invites adventure seekers to navigate through its twists and turns. Departing Trashiyangtse, the journey unfolds northward, treating riders to panoramic vistas of the valley and the majestic Black Mountains. 
As you approach Bumthang Valley, a bastion of Bhutanese heritage, delve into its rich tapestry of history and spirituality, exploring ancient sites and formidable dzongs. Continuing westward, the path to Phobjikha unveils a tableau of rural life adorned with quaint villages and rolling hills.

Phobjikha Valley

The crescendo awaits as you near Phobjikha Valley, where the ethereal sight of the glacial valley, home to the revered black-necked cranes, beckons weary travelers with its timeless allure.

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A Bhutan bike tour on Royal Enfield Himalayans promises an unparalleled experience, blending thrilling rides with Bhutan’s majestic landscapes and rich cultural tapestry. As you journey from the modern capital to the ancient heart of Bhutan, you’ll encounter breathtaking vistas, welcoming locals, and a deep sense of serenity.

Consider this Bhutan bike tour just the beginning of what you can experience during your Bhutan trip. At Druk Heritage, we create bespoke Bhutan bike tours tailored to your unique needs and desires.

Reach out to our team of experts, and let us craft a Bhutan motorcycle adventure that perfectly matches your passion for culture and thrill!


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