Curated Travel.

We are here to help you plan your post-COVID trips. You may need help navigating any health and safety considerations, such as proof of vaccination requirements or airline protocols. And you might also want advice on the best destination or tour for them as the world is getting more organized in managing the pandemic. We are here for you to plan your ideal trip, and that is empathetic to any concerns around health and safety. We are also here to help you make and find the right choice of trip, including last-minute trip opportunities.

Safe & Flexible Travel

I am sure by now you have had a crash course on how to avoid getting sick during the pandemic. Most of our guests are likely to be hyper-aware of good hygiene when traveling. That’s not the only change to the travel experience. At the moment many countries require proof of a negative PCR COVID-19 test for travel. Even after mass global vaccination, proof of vaccination may be required for entry to some countries. We are there for you along your journey and a part of it.

Many of our guests had to cancel or curtail vacations at short notice due to COVID-19, and there were stories of people having trouble getting refunds due to strict cancellation policies. It’s natural that consumers will be wary of the same thing happening again, at least until COVID-19 is behind us but possibly for longer. This presents an opportunity for us to provide more flexibility for our guests, for example, waiving fees for late changes or offering flexible dates with easy and simple cancellation policies.

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