Why Should You Travel To Bhutan with Druk Heritage.

If you’re wondering which travel company to choose to travel to Bhutan, look no further. Here’s what our visitors have to say about us :-

A Reliable Travel Company.

Druk Heritage is one of the well known travel specialists in Bhutan. With over a decade of experience handling solo trips, private tours, group tours, spirituality to adventure trips, you can be assured that we make the best recommendations based on your needs and interests.

( Karma – the founder of Druk Heritage on the right – is there with you every step of your journey).

Mr Karma

Priority No. 1 For Us Is Your Well-Being and Safety.

While global tourism was halted during the pandemic, we trained our tour guides to implement safety protocols for all of our tour groups. Our guides are trained in safe travel management and will assist you in safely navigating all of Bhutan’s restrictions.

If you become ill while on your trip, safety protocols will be followed to ensure your well-being and the well-being of your travel companions.


Itineraries Created Specifically For You.

We understand that each traveler has special needs and interests, so we offer itinerary customization based on your preferences.

Whether you’re a foodie, an adrenaline junkie, an adventurous soul, or simply looking for an adventure, let our Travel Specialists know and they’ll do their best to accommodate you.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion like a birthday, anniversary, proposal, or wedding photoshoot, we’ll be able to help you out.

Tour Guides and Chauffeurs with Years of Experience.

The Druk Heritage Team is extremely knowledgeable about Bhutan. You may rely on our experts to handle anything from Bhutan’s vibrant heritage to pretty much anything.

When traveling in Bhutan, you can relax knowing that you’re in good hands and focus on experiencing the country’s magic.

Tour Guides
Traditional Costumes

Traditional Costumes are Available For Free Lending.

When you are here with us, you’ll be given a set of traditional garments upon arrival, either the kira (for ladies) or the gho (for males).

While you’re in the country, use the set to snap a ton of lovely photographs on locations that you will love. On the last day of your trip, you can return it.

SIM Cards For Free.

In this digital age, we recognize the importance of being connected and having access to the internet.

Upon arrival, all our guests will be given free SIM cards with internet packages. It can assist you to avoid the hassle of registering for a SIM card.

Multilingual Tour Guides

Guides Who can Communicate In Multiple Languages.

There are guides accessible in the following languages: Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Japanese. However, an additional fee of USD150 per day will be charged.

If you require a guide who speaks those languages, do let us know.

Contributing to Bhutanese Society.

We believe in the importance of giving back, it’s in our nature, it is who we are. For every piece of feedback we receive from our guests, Druk Heritage promises to donate USD 25 to one of our Non-Profit Organization (NPO) partners.

You have the option of donating the funds to any of the NPO partners. Do write to us for more information.

Contributing to society
Leading with compassion

Leading with Kindness, Compassion and Empathy.

Kindness, Compassion and Empathy is always on the mind of our founder – Karma Dorji.

It all starts within the company from the team and moves across inspiring everyone who works with us and for us.

You can learn and take these qualities with you that was always a part of you and practice it especially when things are not going your way.

Organize extra activities during your trip.

Travel for us is all about great service. Providing safe travel all the way. Arrange things you don’t know you can ask for. Organize extra activities during your trip. And much more for you.


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