The Lost Trail of Brigdungla
The Lost Trail of Brigdungla
A majestic sight of Bridgungla aka Brubdingla

Welcome to the lost trail of Brigdungla also known as Brubdingla; a destination to savor the experience, a memory to be treasured for the rest of your life. Experience trekking in Bhutan like never before. 

The world is full of beautiful places that most of us are unaware of. There’s always something to see or do, from breathtaking waterfalls and jaw-dropping natural wonders to mysterious lost cities and charming landmarks. 

Prepare to hike for miles through the isolated, breathtaking highlands of Bumthang. Get ready to experience Bhutan in a way that most people never will. Prepare for breathtaking sunsets in the beautiful high mountains of Bumthang Valley.

Starting Journey Towards Brigdungla

The Lost Trail of Brigdungla
Starting the incline to the Lost Trail of Brigdungla aka Brubdingla

Brigdungla, is an ancient place that very few had the pleasure to visit since its first discovery, and is perhaps one of the most little-known places in Bhutan. Located in the high mountains of the Bumthang valley, Brigdungla stands at 4600 meters, with beautiful scenic mountains filled with boundless rhododendron shrubs and dozens of lakes. 

The first group of people who went on the expedition with the locals had a really tough time scouting the trail in the midst of the thick forests and heavy snowfall. The Lost trail of Brigdungla, is now gaining its popularity with many people hearing about it, and perhaps one day it could become the most sought out tourist destination in Bhutan. 

The district of Bumthang unveiled Brubdingla to their Eco-Cultural tourism campaign for ‘Beautiful Bumthang”. Although new, this marks as the perfect destination for trekking in Bhutan

The Misty Mountains of Brigdungla

The Lost Trail of Brigdungla
An ascend to the misty mountains 

The journey to the The Lost trail of Brigdungla, begins from the village of Zhurey, 28 kms away from Chamkhar town connecting to the Ura bypass road; Bumthang. The trek extends to 4 exciting adventurous days. 

A Cozy Cabin For Your Comfort

The Lost Trail of Brigdungla
A cozy cabin at Pongchen

The first night camp site, Pongchen at 3273 meters, is reached after an 8-hour ascent through giant spruce and pine trees. One of the first highlights of the Pongchen is the cozy cabin created by the Bumthang Dzongkhag for travelers.

Sight of a Lake along Brigdungla Trail

The Lost Trail of Brigdungla
One of many beautiful lakes along the Brigdungla trail 

After a well rested night, the next morning awaits your next stop to Tsemchi Campsite. A vast landscape of extraordinary views along with many beautiful lakes highlight your ascend further.  

According to locals, there are 108 lakes scattered throughout this region along with beautiful valley sights. This adds a unique experience of trekking in Bhutan like no other place in the world. 

Mt. Pholha, The highlight of Brigdungla

The Lost Trail of Brigdungla
The highlight of Brigdungla – Mt. Pholha

At the end of day two, the journey comes closer to a very sacred and mystical space called the Pholha, standing at 4521 meters. It is believed that many deities that protect the people and its place reside in giant trees, rocks and even huge mountains. 

The locals grew up hearing many folk stories around the region. ‘Pholha’, the main highlight of Brigdungla is believed to be a Male Deity that this region of Bumthang respects and worships. The third day ends with a blissful camp near the great Mt. Pholha. 

A Rare View Of Yaks Herds

The Lost Trail of Brigdungla
A rare view of yaks herd down the Brigdungla trek

On the final day of the trek, after witnessing all the glorious sites and experience, the descent to Wongbu Campsite begins. The journey down takes you through more open lush greenery of Ballu Sullu Shrubs, and there seems to be no end to the vast expanse.

An End Of A Beautiful Journey

The Lost Trail of Brigdungla
The decent stop to Wongbu camp

At 4090 meters, Wongbu camp marks the final stop down the Brigdungla trail where the kind villagers of Bim build a log cabin for travelers on their way back down. The main highlight of the cabin is not just the beautiful scenes around it but the fact that it provides a view of the famous Gangkar Puensum from this point. 

The 4 days journey trek, is truly an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience and with tourism opening back in Bhutan, many tourists will surely be amazed with the exceptional journey to ‘The Lost Trail of Brigdungla’. 


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