5 Fascinating places you have to visit while you are in Trashigang

Are you planning to spend your winter holidays this year in Bhutan? Well, you made the right decision. Everything about Bhutan is beautiful and calm. Experience something new and exciting this holiday in the eastern jewel of Bhutan, Trashigang. Trashigang lies at an altitude ranging from 500m to 3000m above sea level. It is also the most populated Dzongkhag in Bhutan. The people living under Trashigang Dzongkhag are just amazing with their friendly nature. Apart from its people, there are five fascinating places that will amaze you. Read more and check out these five fantastic places in Trashigang. Approach the best travel operator in Thimphu or the best travel agent in Bhutan to help you make your holiday a memorable one. You can apply as a solo traveler or register for family travel plans or group travel. Stop thinking and let’s hurry; these five amazing places in Trashigang will blow your mind and make the best holiday you ever had in your life. Visit Trashigang and take back beautiful memories when you leave

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1. Rangjung Woesel Choeling Monastery

Rangjung is one of the best places to visit in Trashigang. Rangjung is built on the hills with amazing scenic views around it. It is a small town with a small population. The people over here are undeniably warm and very welcoming. The best part of Rangjung is visiting Rangjung Woesel Choeling Monastery. It is the most popular monastery in Bhutan. People from far and wide gather here during their annual rituals. Rangjung has become a well-known cultural and religious town because of its multiple monasteries and a large Buddhist monk’s settlement. Check out this spiritual place this holiday, and I guarantee you that you will fall in love with this place.

2. Sherubtse College, The Peak Of Learning

Another fascinating place under Trashigang Dzongkhag that you might enjoy exploring is the tremendous Sherubtse College. It is located in a beautiful area called Kanglung with friendly people all around. Sherubtse College in Kanglung, with its good reputation, inspires many young Bhutanese men and women to get to “the peak of Learning.” It is one of the oldest and most renowned universities in Bhutan. It was established in 1966 by a group of Jesuits under the leadership of William Mackey, and it became part of the Royal University of Bhutan in 2003. It is the only University in Bhutan that holds thousands of students. As soon as you enter, the first thing you will notice is the clock tower standing tall like a guard. The clock tower is the best part of Sherubtse, and nobody can ignore it. It is then followed by beautiful old buildings and unique surroundings with many students gathered in groups. Don’t worry; you won’t get lost because the students and the staff are just outstanding and would love to take you for a tour around the college. Make sure you at least take a picture of yourself near that clock tower because it will be the best part of your memories.

3. Trashigang Dzong, the Heart of Trashigang.

It will be a shame if you don’t plan to visit this mesmerizing Trashigang Dzong located in the centre of Trashigang. It is known as the heart of Tashigang because it stands majestically on the top of the hills, and one cannot stop staring at this beautiful view of the Dzong. The Dzong is surrounded by the two famous rivers Gamri Chhu and Drangme chhu. This exhilarating fort was built in the 17th century as a defense against Tibetan invaders. It is one of the oldest monuments of Bhutan and a pride to the people of Trashigang. The charming three day Trashigang Tshechu held every November is another thing you cannot miss. Plan your holiday trip for November so that you can attend the annual Tshechu and make amazing new memories from this grand festival. A large group of people with colorful dresses come together along with their families and friends. Traditional mask dances are performed, and I recommend you to hold your breath because they will amaze you. Fill your diaries with memories of this fantastic tour around the Trashigang Dzong.

4. Embrace your spirituality at the Holy Rangshikhar Lhakhang

Do you love exploring the Buddhist religion? Rangshikhar is the best place for you to visit to get yourself educated with Lord Buddha’s stories. It is one of the most significant temples in Bhutan. Most of the locals visit this temple (Lhakang) to seek blessings, and it has the best views of all the statues of Lord Buddha. You can either trek to the location, or you can drive from the Trashigang town. Rangshikhar is the best place to visit in Trashigang. Ready yourself and enjoy the best view of Rangshikhar.

5. Walk into the beautiful Sakteng Valley

The spectacular Sakteng valley is one of the top places to visit in Trashigang. It is located to the north of Merak, a home for Brokpa people or Saktengpas. It is a wide valley at around 3000m and is surrounded by stunning mountains. Sakteng is the perfect place to go for hiking or trekking during your holidays. The people over here live a semi-nomadic lifestyle, depending on their yaks and horses. Saktengpas wear unique attire made from yak’s wool and raw silks. Men living here are tall and well built with high cheekbones, whereas women keep their hair long tied up in plaits. It takes a 1.5-hour drive from Trashigang to Phongmey village, and then trek for two days towards Sakteng village. Don’t miss this chance to visit this fascinating place called Sakteng while you are in Tashigang on your holiday. Trust me; you will fall in love with every small corner of Sakteng.


Have you decided to visit Tashigang for your winter holiday? I am sure you already made up your mind. The unique facts and stories behind these five fascinating places in Tashigang will make your holiday the best one you’ve ever experienced. Start packing some warm clothes because it is going to get a little chilly in Tashigang during winters. Explore around the Eastern jewel of Bhutan and carry the best memories with you because Tashigang will make you miss it when you leave.

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