With rising entrepreneurial momentum in Bhutan along with fund grants from various foundations, Bhutanese are coming up with contemporary ideas to revive the business sector of Bhutan.

Even as western business revolution ideas keep popping up, the entrepreneurs ardently place emphasis on the continual maintenance of Bhutanese spiritual and traditional heritage.

Whilst some have pledged to be environmentally responsible alongside being creative, others have merged different sectors of life together and created a fruitful unison. 

All the while, what binds them together is the root of being Bhutanese and being made in Bhutan.

The Himalayan Elixir

Bhutan Cordyceps: Nature's Gift to Health

CDK Clothing

Rinyang Artisan

Mudra Products





Accessories, clothing, jewelries, organic food and health care Clothing, accessories, health care, jewelries and organic food – Bhutanese entrepreneurs have variedly widened their business ideas.

Owing to the diversity of products and services it does not only give them a sense of monopoly while it comes to Bhutan-made products but also enjoy unwavering and undivided attention from the customers.

Such a favorable business condition is also majorly due to the authentic and credible quality of the hand-made goods thus produced by the aforementioned brands.

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