Far from the Himalayas, yet craving some herbal healing?

Mudra products brings you natural balms and remedies. They utilise the natural growing ingredients to manufacture their goods. Mudra products confides in them all of Himalayan features such as that of forest freshness, herbal healing and ambient aroma.

Mudra products is an idea inspired by the wisdom of traditional Bhutanese remedies.

The natural herb extraction brings forth medicinal properties. They offer ailment for cracked heels, cuts, bruises, sprains, irritation and inflammation.

For instance, Artemisia, a wild herb found in Bhutan is known for its many medicinal properties such as treating nose bleeds and wounds and are added to hot stone bath to soothe nerves.

For the appreciation of this multipurpose Himalayan herb, an all-purpose balm has been produced, to heal dry skin and rashes, as a soothing rub or simply to enjoy its fragrance.

Another interesting aspect of Mudra products is, whilst their mosquito repellent balm is produced using natural ingredients it also, does not kill or harm the insects.

So if you have been missing the humbleness of the Himalayas, you know where to find yourself one. All Mudra products will be up online soon here.

Do visit again and we will make it seamless for you to choose your products, purchase it and have it delivered to you.

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