9 Places to Visit in
Zhemgang District

Zhemgang is one among twenty other districts in Bhutan. It is home to an incredible abundance of biodiversity. Because of this, the district’s dense woodlands are home to 22 endangered animal species; it gives an enormous adventure if you travel to Zhemgang. Much of the area has a hot and humid climate, but the northern portions enjoy cooler temperatures. The peoples main source of income is agriculture and animal husbandry.

Despite the fact that modernization and globalization have had an impact on the world including Bhutan, traditional arts, talents, and culture, including folk songs and dances, are still practiced in Zhemgang. Some of the popular art and crafts are like Bangchungs (matted bamboo bowls), Palangs (alcohol containers), Balaks (hats), mats, and boxes are some of their other bamboo creations. Besides that people would also get a chance to explore some of the fascinating places in the district, and they are:

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1. Birds in Tingtibi

Brightly Coloured Hornbill

Tingtibi is a Bhutanese settlement in the south. It is situated in the Zhemgang District, to the south of Zhemgang town. It is also a home to critically endangered white-bellied heron (Ardea insignis). Birds such as Crested Buntings, Long-tailed Shrikes, Rufescent, Rufous headed woodpecker, Common green magpie, Common Kestrel, and the uncommon Yellow-rumped honeyguide are among the birds that can be found in Tingtibi.

Zhemgang is home to various birds. It is identified as a prospective spot for bird watching. Visitors will have access to a vast number of native birds if you travel to Zhemgang. During the festival various artworks are displayed. Annual Bird Festivals are also held to promote community-based ecotourism.

2. Duenmang Tsachu/Hot Springs

A Place to Purify and Cleanse

Duenmang tsachu is in Kamjong, Nangkor gewog which is roughly 75 kilometers from Zhemgang, the Duenmang hot spring is nestled at the foot of a valley and it is about an hour’s walk downhill from the road.

Despite the path being vulnerable to walking, people still travel because it is believed that diseases or sickness such as Joint pain, Headache, Sinuses, Gastritis, and other diseases have all been known to be cured by the hot spring. A bath in a hot spring, aside from healing diseases, may be a relaxing way to end the day and a mineral treat for the body and mind. If you have been diagnosed with one of the ailments listed above, this is an excellent idea to take a trip to Zhemgang.

3. Manas River Rafting

The Ideal River for Safe and Enjoyable Rafting

River rafting is one of the most thrilling adventure trips in Bhutan. If you ever take a trip to Zhemgang, don’t forget to list rafting as your travel plan. The rafting is usually done on Bhutan’s largest river that are; Drangme chu and Mangde chu. As you raft, you’ll have the opportunity to witness a diverse range of species in the area.

Tourism Zhemgang has executed several measures to curb the risk associated with rafting, you will be guided by the guides once you reach the spot. Panbang’s river guides are a group of young enthusiasts that offer boating and rafting services to visitors. The guides are certified in water rescue and safety and have received professional training.

4. Manas Wildlife Safari

Manas Wildlife Safari; A Peaceful Home to diverse Wildlife including Rhinoceros

The Royal Manas National Park (RMNP) that borders Panbang district is Bhutan’s first protected area, which was established in 1966. It is the home of over 86 different mammals, 365 bird species, and 900 plant species in the park.

Although Bhutan is recognized for its diverse biodiversity and animals, it is difficult for nature lovers to explore it, but Zhemgang, which is ideally located adjacent to the RMNP, provides the ideal wildlife escape. Therefore, if you travel to Zhemgang, You will get numerous opportunities to learn about wildlife and go on a safari of a lifetime.

5. Marang
Jungle Camp

A Small Camp for an Earthly Experience

Jungle Camp was first established and built in 2015. Tourism Zhemgang with the local committee has initiated this program. The camp is beautifully designed with a hay roof, modern restrooms and showers. The charm of staying in these camps brings you a sense of serenity and wilderness. Panbang town in Zhemgang is only about a 5-minute drive from the camp.

When the sky is filled with stars at night, the campers can sit outside and talk while stargazing. The camp management attempts to give a home away from home experience for visitors. The adjacent trees and stream provide plenty of options for a relaxing trek or a refreshing swim.

6. Buli Tsho/ Lake.

Divine & Clean lake in the heart of Green Forests

Buli tsho/lake is located in a dense forest of buli village in Zhemgang. The lake was considered one of the historic places to visit; it is considered the Palace of Kheng Buli’s protector goddess, Tshomen Kuntu Zangmo, also known as Buli Moenmo, the mermaid. The lake is 5 km from the gewog center which would approximately take 15 minutes drive and 30 minutes by walk.

The people in a village recite a prayer and also offer milk, khadar and further perform annual rituals. They think that if they make all of those offerings, the deity will bless them with good fortune and cure them with all kinds of illnesses. The lake is very heavenly and clean, you will not be allowed to smoke and do picnicking. You will certainly be excited and captivated to see this beautiful lake if you travel to Zhemgang.

7. Adventures of Panbang

A Dashing Waterfall

Panbang is a small village in Bhutan’s south central region. It is located near Royal Manas National Park. The park was established in 1966 and is Bhutan’s first protected area. You may see Asian elephants, tigers, golden langurs, clouded leopards, and gaur, among other animals. Therefore, if you take a trip to Zhemgang, Panbang is one of the top destinations to go on adventure tours.

Panbang Bhutan, unlike any other part of the country, is also a good place to seek a different kind of adventure activities such as Rock climbing, bicycling, mountain riding, and bungee jumping are just a few of the fascinating activities offered by Panbang’s river guides. In addition Bird watching trips, and butterfly tours are all excellent options for those who love nature and its wonders.

8. Heritage Village Excursion

A Sweet Home of our Forefathers

Travelling to Zhemgang’s villages is the best part of visiting Bhutan. You will be able to see and experience true representation of Bhutanese rural life. Understanding the essence of preserving and promoting tradition and culture. The Royal Government of Bhutan has declared this village as a Heritage Village. These are antique houses that were traditionally built of stone. If you take a trip to Zhemgang, the Bjokha Village, Trong History Village, and Dangkhar Heritage Village are among heritage villages in Zhemgang worth visiting.

Some of the fascinating things that you will certainly love are the ethnic cuisines of the Zhemgang region include banana tree flowers prepared with cottage cheese and a variety of wild yams. This area also has a profusion of wild herbs.

9. Zhemgang Dzong

The Magnificent Fortress of the Zhemgang

The Zhemgang Dzong is located on top of a ridge that rises dramatically from the Mangdechhu and faces the Trong hamlet and Zhemgang town. It is the district’s most prominent and oldest religious structure. Lama Zhang founded it in 1163 AD. Lama Zhang Dorje Drakpa, who arrived in Bhutan from Tibet in the 12th century, created it. He is regarded as the greatest Buddhist saint to have lived in modern-day Zhemgang.

The dzong is a medium three-story building. The dzong area consists of three primary structures: the dzong, the district monk-dwelling body’s building, and a two-story administrative building. From Zhemgang Dzong, one may obtain a panoramic view of the Khengrig Namsum (Zhemgang’s three areas) and the formidable Jowo Durshing (the Black Mountain Range) on the other side.

Plan well with one of our travel advisors and see which of the districts you would like to add to your trip to Bhutan.

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