Greetings from Druk Heritage (DHT).

DHT will be facilitating the entry of guests from April 4th 2022 onwards after fulfilling the existing COVID-19 requirements, including the 5 days mandatory quarantine.

In addition, guests wanting to visit Bhutan must also meet the following conditions.

1. You can travel to Bhutan by applying through us @

2. Entry will be facilitated for those coming via air and land.

3. Minimum Daily Package Rate (MDPR) and associated exemptions will be applicable for the entire tour duration after the mandatory quarantine.

4. Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) per person per night will be levied for days only after the quarantine period.

5. We will bear the cost for all tests as per the COVID-19 requirement.

6. Strictly follow prevailing National COVID-19 protocol and guidelines. Your wellbeing guide will be there for you at all times.

7. Need to have COVID-19 insurance coverage.

8. Produce a COVID-19 negative certificate issued by a laboratory certified to carry out RT-PCR test, not earlier than 72 hours before embarking or the initiation of a journey from the country of origin.

9. At any given time, the National COVID-19 protocol may be enforced. We not only expedite your new plan but we can be your backup should anything go wrong.

The food and room charges during the 5 day quarantine period in hotels and resorts selected for you are included in your tour cost. We will soon share the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) flyer being developed to answer questions on visiting Bhutan considering the current situation.

You may like to share this communication with your family and friends who are planning to visit Bhutan soon. We are hopeful that we will be able to re-open soon fully for our guests with no quarantine required.

Until then Stay Safe. With Best Wishes from Bhutan.

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