OGOP (One Gewog One Product) aspires to connect customers with high-end authentic products and the local resources while representing every farmer and artisan that defines the Bhutanese way of living and heritage. OGOP offers organic products from the primary sector of livelihood.

One of such a product is OGOP Cordyceps with honey. A full Cordycep is infused in natural honey in this premium infusion, fusing the therapeutic benefits of two highly nutritious foods.

Bhutanese honey, which is among the best and most organic in the world, is produced by bees that forage in lush, pristine vegetation with an abundance of flowering plants. Natural Cordyceps are incredibly rare, distinctive, and expensive mushrooms known for their curative and restorative qualities.

It is gathered in Bhutan’s Alpine area from high elevation mountains. Two of such a premium quality food are sourced out by OGOP to provide credible goods.

OGOP also provides delivery service all over the country, additionally orders above Nu.2000 within Thimphu Dzongkhag is granted free delivery. Their delivery service is exceptionally flexible whereby, if one is unable to pick the package during the said date, the delivery service is again provided the next working day.

Hence, OGOP not only pledges to deliver quality goods but also gives a promising delivery. All OGOP products will be up online soon here. Do visit again and we will make it seamless for you to choose your products, purchase it and have it delivered to you.

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop your message here and we will get back to you.

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