Top 5 Attraction for Visitors in Bhutan

Bhutan. One of The lands of Happiness.

Happiness is a place and the place  is Bhutan. The country is surrounded by the Mystical Himalayan range, plains and sub- alpines mountains. This has enabled for  a dramatic landscape and a miraculous beauty to visit Bhutan

The country is also enriched with rich culture and tradition. The beauty of Bhutanese indigenous, culture-tradition and the landscape has mesmerized many guests who travel to Bhutan. 

Here are Top 5 interesting and magnificent sites that attracts more visitors to Bhutan; 

  1. Tiger’s Nest Monastery. 

Tiger nest Monastery Perched into the High Cliff

Paro Takshang popularly known as “Tiger Nest” is the temple hung on the  high cliff  at 3120m. It is located 10 miles north of Paro Valley. It was during the 8th century that Guru Padmasambhava meditated for three year, three months, three weeks, three days and three hours.   

The monastery being constructed on the edge of the high cliff has surprised and captivated many guests who visit Bhutan

Your Journey to the monastery begins from the base of the cliff. You can either hire a mule or horse to climb up but you will have more fun walking and enjoying the view of the monastery and marvellous view of the cuddled hills which are some of  Bhutan’s attractions

Mules and Horses to hire and ride

As you slowly start to head up, you will find a way a little steep, however you will encounter many spots designated to rest,take snacks and enjoy the view. Once you reach the top, you will see an overwhelming view of the Tiger’s nest monastery as magnificent and close enough.

  1.  The Buddha Dordenma Statue.

The massive statue of Buddha Dordenma

Buddha Dordenma statue is a gigantic Buddha statue located above Kuenselphodrang Nature park in Thimphu. The statue was built coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the fourth King of Bhutan. It has a height of 169 feets/ 52m. It is casted in bronze and gilded in gold.

The statue is one among many large statues in the world. Most of the tourists, including many other bhutanese love taking a drive to Buddha Dordenma.

The giant Buddha Dordenma statue is located in the heart of the mountain facing Thimphu valley making it feel protected and divine.The statue constructed for the well being of the sentient being perfectly depicts happiness is a place like Bhutan. 

People visitingBuddha Dordenma will be able to enjoy the cool weather and spectacular view of the Thimphu valley too.

  1. Punakha Dzong/(Fortress) – The Palace of Happiness.

The Fortress of Punakha 

This Dzong was built in 1637 by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. The dzongs in Bhutan are used as both administrative and for religious purposes. It is the second oldest and second largest in the country.The Punakha dzong was used for national administrative purposes until 1955.  

Bhutanese distinctive and rich architectural masterpieces have always fascinated the people world wide.The dzong was constructed with the most intricate structure and paintings. 

Each year during the month of either february or march you will be able to witness Punakha Dromche/ festival the festival offers impressive masked dances by the monks with colorful costumes.

The Dzong is located at the junction of Pho chu(Male) and Mo chu (Female) river in the Punakha-Wangdue valley; This offers a heavenly view of the beautiful Jacaranda tree and blooming mauve flower in the spring. In the entrance you will see a beautiful wooden cantilever bridge designed by the Bhutanese architecture.This is what makes it an amazing dzong and a place to visit in Bhutan

  1. Dochula Pass. Lucky Number 108.

108 Stupas of Dochula pass

Dochula pass is a mountain pass elevated at 3100 m./10,200 feet. The pass is located on the way to Punakha and to some eastern district from Thimphu. The significant aspect of Dochula pass is the view of 108 chorten/ stupas clustered & circumed beautifully on the hill. It is one of the most picturesque places to visit.

The place offers a panoramic view of the mountains covered with snow. Most tourists including many Bhutanese people prefer travelling to Dochula since it would only take a 30-45 minutes drive from the capital Thimphu.

Many locals and tourists enjoy traveling to Dochula pass to enjoy and take pictures of beautiful scenery, and enjoy their packed lunch and snacks with their friends and families. 

There are people who travel to Dochula to offer prayers and perform some religious relics too. People travelling via Dochula to any eastern or western Bhutan will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of Dochula pass.    

  1. Jumolhari Mountain with Goddess Mountain.

The Towering Jumolhari Mountain. 

The Jumolhari mountain is located at the height of 7326m tall and it is the second highest mountain in the country.This mountain is known as the “bridge of Kanchenjunga”. The mountain’s snow becomes a source of water along the paro valley. 

High mountain ranges covered with snow are Bhutan’s prominent geographic features. The country is known for the most rugged terrain in the world. These mountain ranges are an adventurous journey to hike and explore. 

Your Journey to the mountain starts from Paro through stunning landscape with high alpine pasture land and yaks grazing. You will observe many small settlements. As you make your journey closer to the mountain you will be able to feel the true beauty of the high snow capped mountain.

If your happiness is to travel through these mountains and stunning landscapes then happiness is a place you will find in Bhutan blessed with beautiful wonders of nature. 


Bhutan’s dramatic landscape and the indigenous culture that were  preserved and promoted from our forefathers is the core reason that has made Bhutan different from the rest of the world. Furthermore, knowing the probable threat of globalization and modernization, the decisive leadership of the Wangchuck dynasty have placed proper mechanisms to preserve our rich tradition,culture and nature.

All of these factors have paved the way towards Bhutan becoming a beautiful and peaceful country.The mentioned above are the top five popular Bhutan’s attractions to travel while you visit Bhutan. Visiting any of these places will bring you a lot of adventure, blessings and knowledge of Bhutan’s secret to happiness. 

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