What to Buy In Bhutan

Bhutanese Souvenirs

Shopping in Bhutan is a different experience than in other developed countries with big malls and supermarkets. Though you can find most of the general products like in most of the countries,you will be more excited to see and buy some of Bhutanese souvenirs in the form of handicraft, jewellery and textiles. You can also find some other products that are good for your health. 

If you are thinking of what to buy in Bhutan, here are some products that you would love to take from Bhutan;

  1. Cordyceps  – Himalayan Gold.

       Cordyceps; An Elixir for Life.

Cordycep officially termed as Ophiocordyceps sinensis is an exocotic mushroom grown between 14500 and 17000 feets in Bhutan.

Back in time,Tibetan and Chinese have used cordyceps as a helpful medicine to maintain normal function of all the body systems. It is used as medicine to help cardiovascular health, maintain cholesterol, helps respiratory function, boost energy & immunity, helps in cancer prevention and more. 

  1. Textile; Bhutanese Hand Woven.

Bhutanese Glamorous Textile 

In Bhutan arts and culture are highly valued and respected. Textiles in Bhutan are unique and designed with rich and complex art and skills. Weaving is one among thirteen traditional crafts in Bhutan.

You can find many Bhutanese textiles designed and weaved with vibrant color, intricate dyeing and sophisticated patterns. Each design & pattern associated with it has its own cultural significance and history. You can see many textile skills embedded in clothes, bags and souvenirs. 

  1. Wooden Products.

Beautifully Carved Bowl

These products are mostly kitchen items and some jewellery boxes that you can buy in Bhutan.One of the popular wooden products demanded  in  both local and international markets is Dapa, this is a wooden bowl carved out of the wood. These wooden bowls are made by an artisan that has been trained in the National Institute for Zorig Chusum.

The product has excellent quality and finishing. Unlike plastic cups and plates, this wooden bowl is eco-friendly and studies have also shown that using a bowl retains less bacteria than the plastic plates and mugs. 

  1. Color Carved Masks 

Colourful and Decorative Mask

This color carved mask is worn by monks during the festival. Festivals are important events held for the well being of all sentient beings. Furthermore, it is also held as a religious ceremony to promote spirituality and culture.You can see monks dance with 

the mask in popular events like Tshechu.

This mask is mostly used for religious purposes but you can also buy and use it as nice rustic decor. This mask can be found in different shapes, styles and colors. 

  1. Bhutan Red Rice.

Nutritious Rice

This is medium grain rice grown mostly in eastern Himalayas. In Bhutan red rice is predominantly grown in Paro, Punakha and Wangdue. Bhutan’s red rice is considered to be of superior quality with unique taste, soft and russet colour. 

Bhutan red rice is grown without the use of chemicals and pesticides therefore, it provides substantial  health benefits. Some of these includes, maintains cholesterol level, helps to reduce cancer cells,reduces the risk of obesity. 

  1. Bhutan Honey

Sweet, Clean & Natural Honey.

Shopping in Bhutan gives a wide choice of locally produced products. Bhutan’s honey is known for its natural and high quality honey. Due to high demand for honey in the market, the Royal Government of Bhutan has encouraged and trained many Bhutanese farmers to produce adequate honey in the market. 

Bhutan’s honey being produced without the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizer has gained quality products to buy in Bhutan. If you are one of  those with high or low blood pressure, bad cholesterol, blood sugar and liver problems then Bhutan’s honey is a good product to maintain those health problems. 

  1. Elemental Prayer Flags.

            A flag of Blessing 

The Lungta prayer flag is small colored rectangular prayer flags strung along temples, mountains,rocks, bridges and trees.This flag is available only in five colors and they are, white, yellow, red, green and blue.  

People hang this prayer flag where the wind is strong. It is said that these prayer flags carry the blessings that were printed in the flag. Therefore, most of the visitors prefer taking this prayer flag as a blessing and some for decorative purposes too. 

  1. Bamboo and Cane Handicrafts. 

Portable and Convenient Bamboo & Cane Crafts.

If you are a type of person who loves decorating a home and you don’t have any idea what to buy in Bhutan then, here you are with the most beautiful bamboo and cane handicraft.  These products are mostly made by local people. It is made from a rattan which is first cut into thin strips, braided and then colored to protect against insects. 

These products cannot only be used for decorative purposes but also to store and keep stuff like chocolates,biscuits, rice, stationery products and many other things depending on their size.

  1. Bhutan Natural LemonGrass Spray.

Spray that Heals & Cure.

This product is manufactured mostly in eastern part of Bhutan like in Mongar and Tashigang. The spray is used as a preventive measure to protect you from mosquito bites. It is also used to protect you  from skin irritation, stomach ache, headache, and insomnia . This product is suitable both for children and adults. 

  1. Buddhist Sculptures.

Keep it; Get Blessed.

Sculpting is the oldest form of craft in Bhutan. Buddhism being a national religion, Bhutanese people take immense pride in culture and Buddhist heritage. You will find  Buddhist sculptures in temples and monasteries that are significantly bigger than the one you find in the market.  

You will find statues of Budhha, Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel, Guru Rinpoche and many other Buddhist supreme creators. Shopping in Bhutan cannot be complete without buying these magnificent statues. According to Buddhist doctrine if you keep those statues in the home you will be blessed with good health and happiness.


Shopping in Bhutan is a wonderful experience and opportunity for many visitors. The country has a wide variety of locally produced goods that are produced from Bhutan’s rich flora and fauna.The country is also referred to as Menjong Gyal Khab which means the Land of Medical Plants.Therefore, on your visit to Bhutan buy some of these products that have significant health benefits.Furthermore, you can also buy some popular Bhutanese souvenirs to take in some of Bhutan’s distinctive art and culture.   

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