10 Best Day Hikes in and nearby Thimphu, Bhutan

          Travel & Hike in Bhutan.

Bhutan’s dramatic landscape, mountains, valleys, cliffs, tributaries, rivers and green forests have made it a beautiful place for people who love to go for a hike. Hiking in Bhutan is a wonderful experience for those who admire nature and its creation. 

Trekking in Bhutan not only experiences beauty but also provides a wide variety of hiking, starting from the most challenging high-altitude trek and to many simple rambles through the wilderness. If you have limited time or money you can set your itinerary for a day hike in Bhutan, it begins within Thimphu, Paro and Punakha. 

10 Best interesting day hike in Bhutan are as follows:

  1. Buddha Point Nature Trail Hike

        The Big Buddha in Thimphu, Bhutan. A living Budhha 

Buddha dordenma is located above the kuensel phodrang nature park. The construction was started from 2006 coinciding with the 60th anniversary of the fourth king Jigme Singye Wangchuck and finished on 25th september 2015. It is considered as one of the biggest sitting statues in the world. It has a height of 169 feets/ 52 m.

Heading up to Budhha point is adventurous and exciting because hikers can enjoy the spectacular view of the capital city and magnificent  natural landscape, and also cool, fresh air with flattering prayer flags.

  1. Tango Monastery Hike 

Tango Monastery North of the Capital Thimphu. A monastery of Drukpa Kagyu 

Tango monastery is located 14 kilometer/ 8.7 miles north of the capital Thimphu, Tango is opposite to Cheri mountain. It was founded in the 13th century and then restructured in the 17th century. It is an important buddhist university for Drukpa Kagyu students. 

It takes an hour to reach the tango monastery. Before you reach Tango monastery you will see a gushing river floating that makes you feel clean and natural. Furthermore, you can also see prayer wheels powered by speed running water making it a holy and divine place. 

  1. Cheri  Monastery Hike

Cheri Monastery North of Capital Thimphu;The heart of divine & prosperity

This monastery is perched into the hills, it is located just opposite to Tango monastery. This monastery is where guru padmasambhava and saint phajo drugom Zhingpo visited during the 8th century hence,it is believed to have divine superiority and blessing to travel in cheri monastery. 

Once you reach the monastery you will see different statues and monuments.The monks will share the stories and explain about its significance. While returning you can enjoy the spectacular view of green Thimphu valley and river gazing down the valley.

  1. Lungchutse Hike – Dochula Pass 

108 Chorten of Dochula Pass.

Dochula pass  is one of the most picturesque places in Thimphu to visit on the way to Punakha. It is a mountain pass with snow covered himalayas. Here, you can enjoy a day hike to the Lungchutse trail.

The place offers a panoramic view of the mountain covered with snow and 108 chorten. The people travelling to Lungchutse will enjoy breathtaking views of all the major mountains and dense forest with friendly weather. 

  1. Phajoding Monastery Hike 

       Hike to Phajoding; an open glamour

This monastery was founded by Phajo Drugom Zhigpo in the 13th century. It is one of the preferred and favorite day hikes in Bhutan for both tourists and local people.

A three hour moderate hike is about 5km from youth centre Thimphu. 

Unlike other trails, Bhutan hiking has convenient travel arrangements. On the way to the monastery you will encounter several canopies and wooden benches for travellers to rest and enjoy the serenity. As you head up you will start to enjoy the ambience and tranquility of the hill and green pine forest. furthermore you will also see an eye-catching view of the whole Thimphu city. 

  1. Talakha Monastery Hike 

Walk up to the peak of Talakha monastery 

This monastery is located above the simtokha at 3080m. It is 8km which would take around 4 hour to reach the monastery. 

On your journey to Monastery you will have to pass through a mixed forest of blue pine, oak, rhododendrons and sometimes even meet yaks too. Once you reach the top it offers a rewarding view of the sprawling landscape and Thimphu city.  Therefore, it gives an exciting adventure travelling to Talakha Monastery. 

  1. Tiger Nest Monastery Hike

Perched on a cliff – The  Tiger’s Nest 

Paro Takshang popularly known as “Tiger Nest”is the temple perched into an edge of a high cliff  at 3120 m. It is located 10 miles of north. It was during the 8th century that guru padmasambhava meditated for three year, three months, three weeks, three days and three hour.   

Your Bhutan hiking would not be complete without a hike to this marvellous Tiger Nest Monastery. Your journey starts from the bottom of the mountain right to a point where the road ends.The hike to the monastery is approximately 5 hours. Once you start to climb up, you will get a closer view of the monastery which makes you more energised even when you are tired. 

  1. Gangtey Nature Trail

          A green Phobjikha valley 

Gangtey nature trail is located in Wangdue under Phobjikha valley. This is the most beautiful and shortest one day hike in Bhutan. The beautiful landscape filled with pine forest, small bamboo and village gives a spectacular view when you walk or drive through.

During the winter season, black-necked cranes migrate to Phobjikha valley. During this period of the season, you can see the magnificent black-necket crane. 

  1. Hike to Khamsum Yulley Chorten

A pure bhutanese artistic monastery

Khamsum Yulley chorten is located 7 km drive from Punakha Dzong. It is a 40-50 km hike from the roadpoint. The road passes through a beautiful paddy terrace. 

The art and design of chorten typically depict intrinsic bhutanese design and sculpture. You can  experience Bhutan’s unique art, sculptures and the sacred ambience of monastery & monks. Unlike other trails, travelling to Khamsum Yulley Chorten is convenient and easy.

  1. Scenic Chele la Hike

Chelela Pass; A place of vision

Bhutan hiking will be worth travelling if you travel to this scenic chele la pass. It is the highest mountain pass in Bhutan located at 3890 m consequently, it creates a scenery view of the mountains and valley including Jumolhari,Jichu drake, kangchenjunga, furthermore you will also see both Paro Valley and Haa Valley 


Bhutan, with its dramatic landscape and diverse climate profile, has four regions with its unique landscape and weather. Moreover, there is a firm and unique environmental protection policy under the philosophy of Gross National Happiness that regulates preservation of Bhutan’s biological corridors and cultures. You can select your one day hikes in Bhutan during your stay here with us to enjoy marvelous views in any of the hiking trails mentioned above. 

Let us know the day hikes you would like to add to your itinerary or we can recommend you that suits best for your trip to Bhutan. Learn more by reading our short travel diaries we have for you here. 

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