7 things you need to know before traveling to Bhutan

Find your inner peace in Bhutan

Bhutan is a unique country both culturally and environmentally. The country is enriched with a diverse group of people and indigenous culture, food, sports, and entertainment. Travelling to Bhutan brings a lot of joy, adventure and peace within you.

If you are planning to travel for your holiday in Bhutan there are 7 important things that you need to know for easy and convenient travel plans. 

The 7 things are:

   1.The Most Beautiful Airports in the world. 

   2.Drive in tranquility. 

   3. Room with a green view and bhutanese in the menu.

   4. Men with skirts and women assert. 

   5. A guide, a friend, a companion. 

   6. Carbon negative air with prayer.

   7. Language of the fortresses. 



1. Most Beautiful Airport in the World.

Experience the descent into Paro Valley.

The airport is located at the height of 2200m, surrounded by mountains and deep green valleys, it makes for an exhilarating descent into Paro valley. There are only 2 flights and a few chartered planes that are allowed, making it a very peaceful airport.The two flights are Druk air and Tashi air. There are only 8 certified pilots who are qualified to land at Paro International airport. 

2. Drive in Tranquility.

                                                       Drive & Thrive in Bhutan

The road terrain varies due to the country’s steep topography. It passes through high mountains and deep gorges. It is convenient and simple to drive in Bhutan because there is less traffic and travellers enjoy their quiet drive.Driving in Bhutan offers beautiful views of the majestic mountains and rolling hills.

3. Room with green view with Bhutanese on the menu.

Guests travelling to Bhutan can arrange their lodging facilities from different travel agents that are registered under the Tourism Council of Bhutan. There are 281 travel agents in Bhutan, so pick your choice. 

There is a wide variety of accommodation and foods that visitors can avail and have. Homes and Hotels in Bhutan are constructed of timber, stone and beaten earth with unique and distinct designs.Stay at one of the local farmhouses with a family for an enriching realm of experience that makes a highlight during your holiday in bhutan.

  1. Hotels 

Hotels are rated from 3 star to 5 star, most of the hotels are facilitated.with Television, wifi, Fitness Centers and Room Service, However the services will also vary from hotel to hotel.

Some hotels and resorts are located in mountains where a guest residing feels the  charm of the location and gets closer to nature and oneself.

Your next home

  1. Foods

One of the most distinctive characteristics of Bhutanese cuisine is its spiciness. Chilli is used as the common ingredient used in every curry. One of the eminent curries is Ema-Datshi, which is made of chillies and cheese. Rice is a staple diet in Bhutan. If you are a foodie you must try the  bhutanese potatoes, cheese and yak meat. 

Food from the mountains.

4. Man with skirt and women assert

     Men in Gho and Women in Kira.

The men in Bhutan wear a gho. It is a knee-length robe tied at the waist by a belt called a Kera.This outfit forms a pouch-like shape in the upper part and it is used as a pocket for storing various things. It is the world’s biggest pocket, where you can even carry a laptop.  The women in Bhutan wear kira. It is an ankle-length dress, it is wrapped around the body and its edges are pinned at both shoulders with a silver brooches and finally a belt with a cloth belt around the waist. Intricate designed Gho and Kira are worn during formal occasions, festivals and large gatherings. 

Dress code discipline is highly regarded when you travel to Bhutan. While visiting monasteries and religious institutions, one must dress respectfully and decently. Keep in mind to remove shoes while entering religious temples and sacred places. Hence,it is suggested to carry a pair of socks. 

Dzongs are fortresses that are built for both administrative and religious purposes in the country. Wearing bhutanese gho and kira has gained substantial attention from the world outside. It is worn everyday here in Bhutan.

5. A guide, a friend, a companion


Your own personal professional english speaking guide.

The country has a rich history &  indegenous culture, tradition and value hence, having your own guide is extremely beneficial and interesting. It is because not all information about places, events and history are documented well.  Having a guide helps you to gain insights into the people and lifestyles of Bhutan.  

To visit Bhutan, you must come through any one of the travel companies who will also process your visa to Bhutan for you.Once you are in the country you can move freely if you wish but you will learn a lot more and gain access to places that only the locals know if you are with your guide.

6. Carbon negative air with prayer

                                                       Going green while in Bhutan.

Bhutan is a carbon sink – meaning that it absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces. The amount of  Carbon dioxide emission produced by human activities has caused a lot of environmental issues such as flood, acid rain, soil erosion, ozone layer depletion but Bhutan has upheld the happiness rooting from the idea and principles of Gross National Happiness. 

The constitution of the country also demands that a minimum of 60% of the country should be under the forest cover in all times to come.The country now has more than 70 % of the area under the forest cover. This green forest cover emits clean air and fair weather for the travellers to enjoy their holiday in Bhutan. 

7. Language of the fortress 

Dzongkha  – National Language 

The word “dzongkha” means language originally spoken in fortress-like monasteries in the 17th century.  Hence, dzongkha is the predominant language used in the country; however, it also has an equal number of people who are mostly settled in urban areas who can speak english language. 

The other two dominant languages are Sharchop in the east and west and Lhotsham in the south. English is also used as a medium of instruction in all the schools.It will be easy for you to have a conversation with a local.

Some of the most acquainted phrases are:

  1. hello/Greeting – Kuzu Zangpola 
  2. Thank You – Kadrin Choela
  3. Welcome – Joenpa Legso 
  4. Yes – Inn 
  5. No – Menn

A small country sandwiched between India and China known for its steep mountains and deep valleys,with its philosophy of Gross National Happiness (GNH) has been one of the fundamental aspects of development strategies. This philosophy has groomed Bhutan’s sacred culture, tradition, ideologies and value. It is through this idea that the country could bring substantial improvement in the service sector, including the tourism sector. 

Preservation and promotion of our GNH principle has led this culture and environment to be clean and green consequently, each year there is a subsequent increase in the number of guests visiting Bhutan. Despite the minimum cost of travelling,Bhutan tourism has offered you a convenient, safe trip to Bhutan.

All of the things mentioned above describe a credible gateway to travel Bhutan. Hence, before you travel to Bhutan, the points you have gone through will help you travel better for your first trip to Bhutan. 

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