Bhutan Opened for Travelers 2021.

The Beautiful Valley of Phobjikha in Bhutan.

Bhutan’s Tourism Council stated on August 5, 2021 that it would resume granting tourist permits. Regrettably, the mandatory 21-day quarantine period for all arriving visitors remains in force. During this time, you must stay in a quarantined hotel. 

When the first instance of the covid-19 virus was discovered in Bhutan on March 5, 2020, tourism permits were halted. While we do not consider this a true tourism reopening because only a small number of tourists will be willing to come under the existing conditions, we do see it as a crucial first step toward restoring tourism.

Bhutan resumed issuing tourist visas on August 5, 2021. However, a 21-day quarantine remains in effect, which is basically the same as if the country remained closed to tourism. Bhutan tourism may reopen completely following a successful vaccination campaign, which is presently underway. Bhutan’s vaccination push resumed on June 20, 2021, with supplies of vaccines for second doses even for the minors. Vaccinations are currently being administered for children.

Conditions for Tourists Visiting Bhutan from 6th August 2021.

The Big Buddha in the Capital of Bhutan – Thimphu.

  1. Inbound tourists interested in visiting Bhutan should apply through a licensed Bhutanese travel operator.
  2. For the 21-day quarantine period, a Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) will be charged per person every night.
  3. Bear the expenses for the 21-day institutional quarantine (room & food).
  4. Only those arriving by air will be permitted in.
  5. After the quarantine, the Minimum Daily Package Rate (MDPR) will apply for the duration of the tour.
  6. As required by COVID-19 taskforce, bear the expense for the tests.
  7. Follow the COVID-19 protocols.
  8. Insurance coverage is required.
  9. Not less than 72 hours before embarking on your  journey from the country of origin, produce a COVID-19 negative certificate issued by a laboratory certified to perform RT-PCR tests.
  10. If traveling through another nation, it is recommended to have both doses of COVID-19 vaccine and to check for any other travel requirements.

During Your Stay in Bhutan.

 Khamsum Yulley Namgyal Chorten, Punakha Valley.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, tourist movement is strictly limited to the travel routes permitted in the visa and designated areas. We will plan your getaway for you as per your requirements and make sure you visit all the places and enjoy all the activities you want to do.

Guests must wear face masks and be conscious of taking care of themselves while on tour. Your wellbeing guide will be with you to make sure you are well taken care of throughout your trip. All tourist attractions and service providers will be “Clean and Safe” certified.     

What is the current situation in Bhutan amid COVID-19 Pandemic?

National situational update on COVID-19 as of 8 August, 2021.

Bhutan has experienced 2546 instances of COVID-19 so far, with only two deaths. The majority of those who were infected have recovered, with only 59 instances still active as of August 9, 2021. 

COVID-19 is causing a lot of outbreaks in India right now, and it’s hitting the borders of Bhutan as well. Even Bhutan’s well-functioning epidemiological system faces a challenge from the Delta variation of coronavirus (previously known as Indian variant). Regardless, the government has been effective in containing the virus before it spread.

Paro International Airport – Bhutan.

Bhutan has now immunized 95 percent of its adult population with both doses of vaccine and is making rapid progress in vaccinating youngsters, so we expect some bolder actions to be taken soon towards Bhutan tourism. Once you are in Bhutan you are safe to travel around. Tourism Bhutan maybe expected to resume by 2022. 

For more updates on COVID-19 information on Bhutan and if you are planning to be one of the few to visit Bhutan. Write to us or msg your Bhutan Travel Advisor at +975 1714 0163 for your travel requirements.


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