Six Senses

Six Senses Bhutan are 5 smaller lodges across the country that operate as one hotel. It offers an exciting journey through the world’s Last Shangri La. Most of these lodges are situated in stunning places allowing guests to experience different vegetation and landscapes. Six Senses Bhutan offers the best services and facilities. Suppose, if you ever get bored of the view you just press a button and a large TV pops up out of the end of your bed. There are many other luxurious amenities offered by Six Senses lodges in Bhutan.

Six Senses Gangtey/Phobjikha

Six Senses Gangtey is the favorite lodge in Bhutan for Six Senses’ guests. Gangtey Valley is a protected area because it is the winter home for the rare Tibetan Black Necked Cranes. This discourages new infrastructure in the valley, allowing guests to view beautiful landscapes and evergreen beauty.

Six Senses, Thimphu

At a height of 7,710 feet above sea level, Thimphu lies in a valley surrounded by alpine forests, decorated with beautiful ancient monasteries and temples. Welcome to the only capital in the world without traffic lights. With a preferable climate, Bhutan is an ideal destination for all seasons. March to April and September to November offers a wonderful hiking season. May to August presents lush green landscapes with beautiful flowers, adding beauty to the already abundant vegetation. December to February offers pleasant views of clear sunny skies over snow-capped mountains. Six Senses Thimphu is situated on a hillside among the apple orchards and pine forests above Motithang, overlooking the capital city. The designs and architecture are unique and fascinating.

Six Senses, Paro

Six Senses Paro lodge is situated at an elevation of 7,382 feet and is designed in one of the most iconic and scenic settings. The lodge is full of stone ruins and you will understand why when you dine among them. The lodge is surrounded by forested mountain peaks overviewing the beautiful villages beneath it. You will be amazed by the ingenious paddy terraces and crop fields. Paro lodge offers 20 spacious villas and suites and up to 3,682 square feet three-bedroom villa.

Six senses, Punakha

The former capital of Bhutan, Punakha has the most stunning environment and enchanting cultural heritage. Punakha lodge is the warmest of all Six Senses lodges because it is located at a lower altitude. This wonderful lodge offers luxurious suites and villas, a pool, library, and huts for yoga and meditation. You also get to visit the most iconic dzongs of Bhutan, also known as the fortress of happiness and bliss. Punakha lodge offers 19 spacious villas and suites, ranging from 721 square feet to 2,949 square feet three-bedroom lodges.

Six Senses, Bumthang

Bumthang is also known as the cultural heartland of Bhutan because there are many ancient temples and the two holiest Buddhist sites: Jambay Lhakhang and Kurjey Lhakhang. It is also an ancestral home of the ruling Wangchuck Dynasty. Bumthang is popular for its exceptional beauty, in fact, the word Bumthang itself means a beautiful field. Being at Six Senses Bumthang, one can experience a forest within a forest. Bumthang lodge completes the circuit across the western and central parts of the country. The lodge offers 8 suites with balconies viewing rich forests across the valley. It also offers a 2,422 square feet villa for families and has well-furnished interiors with handwoven fabrics and timber floors. There are daily domestic flights from Bumthang to Paro to avoid the tiring journey by car.

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