Hotels in Bhutan

This tiny kingdom is one of the world’s most exclusive travel destinations, with world-class tourist hotels nestled among its alpine forests. We’ve compiled a selection of the best hotels in Bhutan to help you make the most of your time here.

Bhutan is a hidden haven in the Himalayas with a treasure trove of the mystery hidden within its hills. As the only Vajrayana Buddhist kingdom in the world, you’ll notice a strong religious influence in every aspect of life and the widely accepted notion of “Gross National Happiness.” 

1. AmanKora Bhutan (Rating: 5 star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Explore the tiny Himalayan Kingdom with Aman Koras exceptional hotel lodges across the country.

Amankora has a collection of five lodges across Bhutan, making it one of the preferred hotels in Bhutan for visitors. The hotel’s name is derived from the Sanskrit word for “peace” and the Dzongkha word for “circle pilgrimage,” respectively. This makes it possible for visitors to move from hotel to hotel while exploring the country’s valleys, returning each time to the same luxurious accommodations

They provide excellent food and service – making it one of the most sought hotels in Bhutan. 

The locations of Amankora are handpicked to provide guests with the best views. Amankora provides lodging in more populated urban areas like Thimphu and Punakha and farther-flung villages like Paro, Gangtey, and Bumthang.

The Himalayan peaks are visible in the north and low-lying plains in the south, providing breath-taking views of the valleys below. Each lodge offers luxurious accommodation crafted from all-natural materials, designed with traditional architectural style, stunning views from every room, and traditional Bukhari (wood-burning fireplaces). Each hotel offers treatment rooms with a range of spa services to help you relax and get set for your trip.

2. Six Senses Bhutan (Rating: 5 star)

Hotels in Bhutan
 Six Senses Bhutan has five lodges in different locations across the kingdom.

The Six Senses lodge is located in Bhutan’s western and central valleys. Five lodges, collectively known as Six Senses Bhutan, are spread across these valleys, each with unique personalities and experiences. It is a well-known luxury hotel in Bhutan. It was built in collaboration with the Bhutanese Royal Family and is the most luxurious and expensive hotel in Bhutan.  

Customised journeys can be arranged for the guests that include a combination of the lodges in Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, Bumthang, and Paro.

One can find spacious apartments and rooms with various views around every corner. The five lodges of Six Senses Bhutan offer a modern interpretation of traditional Bhutanese style and architecture. They have been created to thoroughly immerse visitors in the natural beauty and the Bhutanese culture. The lodges, which have a variety of architectural styles, highlight the uniqueness and diversity of each place.

3. Uma Como (Rating: 5 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The lodge has a selection of villas suitable for a travel party of any size.

Bhutan’s 5-star Uma Paro hotel is a traveler’s dream. Hidden among the snow-capped peaks and towering pines of the Himalayas, this stunning COMO hotel perfectly defines peace and tranquility. 

Bhutanese specialties like paksha paa (a sliced pork dish with chilies and radishes), ema datshi (a dish with cheese and chilies), or kewa datshi (a combination of potatoes, cheese, and chilies) are served at the Bukhari restaurant, hidden between the pine trees. The restaurant only uses organic food from the local area. By exploring the area around the hotel, visitors can discover the distinctive culture of the Paro District, one of Bhutan’s historic regions. 

Travellers can explore the vibrant markets in Paro, learn about local history and cultural artefacts (can also visit the Bhutanese museums), or catch a glimpse of the amazing Tiger’s Nest Buddhist monastery (which is located precariously on the cliffside).Inland treks, excursions, and other tours are also available to visitors, all of which are led by certified Uma Paro guides. 

Other facilities include the COMO Shambhala Retreat, a holistic health resort featuring a yoga tent that overlooks the Paro Valley. Other facilities include a business center, a gym, and a pool. Uma Como is also available in Punakha Valley.

4. Gangtey Goempa Lodge (Rating: 5 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Gangtey Goempa Lodge in Phobjikha is encircled by pine trees.

When you get to Gangtey Goenpa Lodge, the breathtaking views truly live up to their reputation. It is the ideal way to give your trip to Bhutan a truly “rural” vibe.  The valley views are breathtaking, and you can curl up under one of their cashmere blankets with a cup of tea, perhaps as one of the black-neck cranes soars past your view. When it becomes chilly, they even bring over neck warmers. 

You can be seated with a locally brewed  hot cider as you take in the stunning views.. Gangtey Lodge truly is like a little piece of heaven. The Gangtey Goenpa Lodge is widely considered one of the top hotels in Bhutan, and with good reason. The lodge is incredibly warm and welcoming, with amazing service and a comforting, homey atmosphere. 

Wood-burning stoves (Bukhari) and free-standing bathtubs provide all visitors with a sense of luxury and comfort. These imply that you can bathe in the tub after your hike while still admiring the scenery. 

They excel at fusing this modern comfort with conventional Bhutanese architecture and design. One can notice the attention to detail everywhere. For instance, there is a lot of hand-cut stone, underfloor heating, and regional artwork. The rooms are spread out to the left and right of the main lobby area and have beautiful views. 

5. Zhiwaling Heritage(Rating: 5 Star)

Hotel in Bhutan
Hotel Zhiwa Ling Heritage is around 15-20 minutes drive from Paro town.

Zhiwa Ling, a piece of architectural beauty located in the hills west of Paro, like many other Bhutanese hotels, combines elements of traditional Bhutanese architecture with modern style. Its main lodge and cottages are surrounded by a lush terrain of fruit trees and weeping willows, and each is hand-decorated with delicate carvings. 

It is the first five-star hotel in Bhutan, and its 45 exquisitely furnished apartments include stunning views of the Himalayas. The lodge was opened in 2005 and had all the modern conveniences you’d expect. The hotel’s temple was constructed using wood that was 450 years old and came from the ancient Gangtey Goemba monastery – one of Bhutan’s most revered places.

In keeping with Bhutan’s Buddhist culture, visitors can meditate alongside monks in the Meditation House, rest in the Tea House, and enjoy the spa treatment. A short distance away is the famous cliff-hanging Tiger’s Nest monastery, the town of Paro, and its spectacular dzong (fortress).

A range of neighbouring hiking paths can take you to historic monasteries and rural communities. After an hour’s drive through breathtaking countryside, you can view peaks and prayer flags from high mountain passes like Chele La.

6. Taj Tashi (Rating: 5 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The magnificent Taj Tashi 

The soothing calm of the Taj Tashi and peaceful ambience makes for a wonderful oasis to retreat to after exploring the bustling Thimphu city.

The magnificent Taj Tashi resembles a royal palace in the center of Thimphu city. The hotel is a perfect mixture between modern style and traditional Bhutanese architecture. Its 66 beautiful guestrooms, well-equipped and decorated with traditional hand-drawn Buddhist paintings, offer a window of Bhutanese art and views of the mountains that tower over the Thimphu valley.

The hotel features a central lobby bar with a lounge area, two restaurants, and the Jiva Spa, which offers a “Bhutanese Hot Stone Bath,” among many other treatments. The Taj Tashi also includes a garden area for outdoor dining and cultural performances. It is among the few hotels in Bhutan that has an indoor pool.

This luxurious lodging, which has a 5-star rating, offers on-site massage, dining, and a hot tub to its visitors.  The hotel is located close to numerous attractions. You can easily travel there to discover the magnificent monasteries, historic street festivals, beautiful mountain passes, and pristine wilderness.

7. Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary (Rating: 5 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Located in Neyphu Valley, Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary offers an exclusive paradise in all its unique  glory.

Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is the country’s first and only 5-star traditional spa-inclusive resort located deep in the spiritual Neyphu valley in the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. With the help of traditional Bhutanese spa treatments, you can say goodbye to all your aches and achieve harmony in your body, mind, and soul.

However, this is no average ‘hotel.’ The Bhutan Spirit Sanctuary is a true home away from home, inspired by the Bhutanese concept of a Zatsang (family). It provides a spiritual and emotional journey that is more similar to a pilgrimage than a vacation.

The hotel’s design is inspired by historic dzongs (fortresses), including three-foot-thick walls and a huge courtyard with prayer wheels. All rooms, whether balcony or rooftop, feature an amazing view of the Neyphu Valley and the old Eutok Samdrupcholing Goenpa. They are extremely comfortable, with Bhutanese décor and handcrafted bathing facilities. 

It is one of the few hotels in Bhutan where the absence of television allows you to completely disconnect from the outside world. It is ideal for tourists looking to experience the true spirit of Bhutan. Visitors can also make appointments with the traditional Bhutanese medicine doctors, traditional massages, herbal treatments, yoga, meditation, hot stone baths, and forest bathing.

8. Le Meridien Riverfront (Rating: 5 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The hotel offers a tranquil and peaceful retreat for anyone looking for a time to contemplate matters of mind and soul.

Le Meridien Riverfront, the largest five-star hotel in Paro and one of the largest hotels in Bhutan. The hotel has some of the best dining establishments in the country and the finest meeting rooms.

Diners can enjoy a luxurious sensory experience at the two restaurants (Bamboo Chic and Latest Recipe) and Latitude bar. The hotel provides 612 square meters of meeting space to accommodate international business travelers.

It offers a stunning outdoor eating space with views of the Paro Chhu river. This area is perfect for outdoor gatherings, such as barbecues and large-scale parties. A flat-screen TV, wireless high-speed internet access, and a separate bath and shower with heated flooring are available for all guests.

There are 3 treatment rooms, including a couple’s room. Services like deep-tissue, hot-stone, Swedish, and Thai massages are available. Reflexology and aromatherapy are just two of the treatments available. A shower and a steam room are available at the spa, which is open daily.

There are 59 guest rooms, including seven luxurious suites, each featuring their trademark LM BED, a separate soaking tub, and breathtaking views of the Himalayan Valley.

9. Dhensa Boutique Resort (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The Dhensa Boutique Resort, located in the center of the Punakha Valley and surrounded by dense pine forests, radiates peace and tranquility.

The resort’s simple, minimalist design focuses on Punakha’s stunning hillsides. The balconies have floor-to-ceiling windows that open up to the outdoors, where you can enjoy the morning mountain air. The cafe serves a simple but healthy menu of Western and Bhutanese dishes made using locally grown, organic ingredients.

It overlooks the Punakha river, and countless steep rice fields descend steeply to the valley floor, surrounded by dense pine forests. There are many hiking and walking trails all around it. 

It takes only five minutes to ascend the mountain from Dhensa Punakha to reach the majestic Sangchhen Dorji Lhuendrup Lhakhang Nunnery, which is home to one of the largest Chenrigzig (Avalokiteshvara) bronze statues in the nation. 

Nuns practice meditation and pursue further education at the temple. The modern architecture of Dhensa Punakha blends with the enchanting and old traditions of this Himalayan Kingdom.

It is among the handful of hotels in Bhutan where guests can opt for rafting in the nearby river. The hotel also features a spa with various relaxing treatments, a sauna, and an outdoor hot tub.

10. The Postcard Dewa(Rating: 5 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The Postcard Dewa Hotel.

The Postcard Dewa is a 20-minute drive from the capital city. This Bhutanese mountain sanctuary is located in a forest, close enough to see Thimphu and far away from the bustling city. 

With 15 luxurious rooms, the hotel is ideal for unwinding in the lap of nature while admiring the beautiful views of the Khasadrapchu valley and the Wang Chhu River.

They also have little sit-outs where you can enjoy the surroundings while soaking up the natural light. The Dewa Suite has its garden, balcony, and a cozy dining table – ideal for precious family time. 

The Postcard Dewa’s menu is heavily influenced by Bhutan’s culinary tradition. Traditional cuisine and a superb variety of beers and liquor brewed locally are available. All of which are offered outdoor or inside the hotel dining room. The stunning mountain surroundings of The Postcard Dewa make it the ideal location to relax with yoga and meditation. The spa offers therapies like a hot stone bath, which is ideal for weak muscles.

Fitness-conscious visitors can also reap the benefits of the gym and the heated pool for a simple exercise or swim. Guests can also explore the capital city’s numerous holy places and vibrant market booths.

11. Le Meridien Thimphu (Rating: 5 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Le Meridian Thimphu.

Located at the heart of Bhutan’s capital city, the hotel just steps away from shops and entertainment, and conveniently accessible to Memorial Chorten, TashichhoeDzong  and other celebrated attractions

The magnificent hotel is located in the heart of Thimphu city. It provides excellent rooms and facilities to both business and leisure travellers. The hotel has an on-site fitness centre, a full-service spa, an indoor heated swimming pool, a full-service business centre, and two event facilities for meetings and seminars.

At the hotel, you’ll be greeted and assisted by a friendly staff to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Everything you need for a restful night’s sleep is provided in the guestrooms.

An event planning staff is available to assist with organising events and conferences. Unlike other hotels in Bhutan, The hotel offers a private car service and an airport shuttle to transport guests to and from Paro Airport, located 47.5 kilometres from the hotel.

Due to its proximity, visitors may explore local parks, including Coronation Park and Jigme Dorji National Park, as well as famous landmarks like the Memorial Chorten and Buddha Dordenma. 

Mountain biking, hiking/biking routes, and other outdoor activities are available for visitors. Visitors can also hire bikes nearby and explore the area.

12. Zhiwaling Ascent (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Zhiwa Ling Ascent, Thimphu.

Zhiwa Ling Ascentis a joint collaboration between Austrian and Bhutanese architects. This unique boutique style hotel is set in 25 acres in a commanding position overlooking the Thimphu city and valley.

Zhiwa Ling Ascent,  is the first contemporary concept hotel in Bhutan, and is the perfect place to escape the bustling city. It is situated just outside the city’s core, allowing you to enjoy a park-like atmosphere with panoramic views of the valley below.

Although it is only a short drive from the city, it feels far removed from the bustle of urban life because it is surrounded by vast stands of ‘tendon’ (evergreen cypress trees), which are highly prized in Bhutan for their medicinal values.

The design is effortlessly modern and simple. There are twenty spacious rooms (seventeen Deluxe and three Premier) with big floor-to-ceiling windows that allow light to fill the interiors.  The rooms are modest but comfortable, with the sole purpose of ensuring all the guests have a comfortable stay.   

The restaurant, which has stunning valley views, serves seasonal food with fresh organic vegetables from the kitchen garden and quality international cuisine. The Indoor bar is a popular area for a quiet drink, providing a cozy, relaxing environment. 

On clear evenings, visitors can walk up to the open-air attic and admire the vast views of the valley and mountains. Open-air yoga and spa treatments are also available in the attic for those wishing to rest and connect with nature.

13: Ariya Hotel (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan.
Located at the southern entrance of the nation’s capital, all the rooms have modern amenities for exceptional comfort and luxury.

The Ariya Hotel in Thimphu is a modern resort with beautiful architecture that combines open spaces and clean lines with regional heritage and modern comforts.

Ariya’s specially decorated rooms, situated at the southern gateway to the country’s capital, are equipped with all the latest facilities for great comfort and luxury.

It is one of the luxurious 4-star hotels in Bhutan offering various services, including a restaurant serving both international and regional cuisine, a bar, a café, and the Ariya Touch Spa. 

The Bhutan National Library and Clock Tower Square are within a 5-minute drive of the Ariya hotel. A 24-hour front desk, free newspapers in the lobby, and dry cleaning/laundry services are available as facilities. There is on-site free self-parking.

There are 46 rooms available at the Ariya Hotel, all of which have stunning views of the Thimphu valley. The LED televisions come with local cable channels.

Shower/tub sets and free toiletries are provided in the bathrooms. Free wireless Internet connection is available throughout the property of the hotel.

14. Druk Hotel (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Druk Hotel in clock tower, Thimphu.

Druk Hotel is a premium four-star hotel that has been in business since 1985 and is part of the Tashi group that owns Tashi Taj hotel. It has been updated over the years to give it a sleek and modern edge. 

Each floor embraces a subtle palette influenced by water, air, earth, fire, and sky elements.

Despite its simplicity, the property is in the center of everything and is filled with traditional Bhutanese charm. The hotel’s exterior and rooms include painted unique themes, and the staff is friendly and sincere.

It is the most centrally located hotel in the capital city (Thimphu) and is a walking distance of nearby tourist hotspots. It is a very popular hotel in Bhutan among all types of visitors, notably because of the high quality of the cuisine. It is also well-known for its “very personalized” service. Gym, spa, and cafe services are all provided.

The Bhutanese-style rooms are available in three different color palettes inspired by the elements. Except for the color palette, all rooms have warm, cozy interiors that are rustic but modern in terms of facilities and services. Beautiful bathrooms made of dark marble with bathtubs are available.

15. Naksel Boutique Hotel (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan.
Naksel, a community-based project that is eco-friendly and energy efficient.

The Naksel Boutique Hotel & SPA, a 30 minutes drive from Paro International Airport, is a luxurious hideaway where modern comforts and the presence of nature come together to create a peaceful haven for all visitors. 

Hidden between the quiet Ngoba Village and the national forest, it gets its name from the Dzongkha interpretation of “Forest.” Nearly 2700 meters above sea level, the main lodge and surrounding cottages of Naksel are situated on six acres of apple orchard.

While tapering mud-brick walls offer insulation and tranquillity, intricate hand-carved pillars and exquisite masonry represent the culture of Bhutan. The locally-made windows, mud bricks, framework, and furniture connect the hotel to the surrounding forest.

It is the most energy-efficient hotel in Bhutan and has Swedish underfloor heating systems heated by solar panels, highly efficient water heaters, and LED lighting. Native and locally sourced materials make up the majority of Naksel’s construction. 

The Paro valley, Taktsang Monastery, Sangachoekhor Monastery, and Mount Jumolhari are visible from every room.

16. Himalayan Key Resort (Rating: 3.5 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan.
Forest Resort in the Himalayas. Have fun during your stay at Jungle Lodges.

This mysterious hotel, surrounded by pine trees, provides a magnificent stay complete with cozy accommodations, a large eating area, and proximity to major attractions. 

Drukgyel  Dzong and Paro Taktsang are two local monuments, and those interested in history so the country can visit Bhutan National Museum.

Himalayan Keys Forest Resort is one of the top natural hotels in Bhutan. It is set among the serene and beautiful green natural forests of the Himalayas, offering a true getaway from everything else and the opportunity to be one with nature, yourself, or your loved ones!

Himalayan Keys has 11 beautiful private cottages filled with every facility imaginable – ideal for anyone seeking a peaceful and quiet holiday with modern luxury. The hotel provides guests with a 24-hour front desk, room service, and currency exchange. 

All rooms at the resort include a closet, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. Himalayan Keys Forest Resort’s guest rooms all have a seating space.

17. Norkhil Boutique (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan.
The Norkhil Boutique Hotel & Spa.

Located in the core of Thimphu city, and yet nestled within the magnificent Himalayan foothills, Norkhil Boutique Hotel & SPA is an oasis of calm offering peace and tranquillity; amidst the busy growing city of Thimphu

The Norkhil Boutique Hotel & Spa, is a haven of tranquillity, located in the center of the bustling, expanding Thimphu city. The hotel promotes a philosophy of complete well-being for its visitors, which is attained through holistic therapies, organic food, and various attractions.

The National Memorial Chorten and Norzin Lam are both conveniently close to the hotel. The hotel’s interior is the ideal fusion of traditional Bhutanese craftsmanship and modern architecture,

It is one of the finest four star hotels in Bhutan with forty-four large and cozy rooms with a restaurant on the first level and indoor and outdoor dining areas available for the visitors. A well-equipped fitness facility, a traditional Bhutanese hot stone bath, massage treatment rooms, and a steam bathhouse are all present.

Guests can enjoy magnificent views of the mountains beyond. After spending the day visiting the town and the surrounding hills, you can relax at the hotel with a spa massage or a traditional hot stone bath. You can enjoy modern, international cuisine in the restaurant, and then relax with a quiet cocktail on the rooftop terrace while admiring the view of the slopes.

18. Osel Hotel(Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Experience the perfect getaway with a stay at the Osel Hotel.

Osel Hotel is located in the center of the bustling, expanding city of Thimphu – the perfect way to start your vacation in Bhutan. The National Memorial Chorten and the picturesque Kuenselphodrang (Buddha Point) are conveniently close to the hotel. Like other hotels in Bhutan, the interior is the ideal fusion of traditional Bhutanese craftsmanship and modern architecture.

Osel is a 35-room 4 Star property with some spacious rooms with modern touches. They offer free wifi facilities throughout the property. Visitors can enjoy the spa treatment where they can loosen up after a long day. 

Free parking is available. There is a restaurant that overlooks beautiful mountain terrains. All the rooms are cozy, and the suites include living rooms, dining areas, balconies, and bathrooms with stunning views. 

Visitors can find a gift shop within the property, and a wide range of activities like cycling and golfing are also offered. Other facilities include a 24/7 hour front desk, live music performance, currency exchange, and sightseeing service.

19. Tiger’s Nest Camp (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The Tiger Nest Camp is a charming glamping retreat amidst nature’s bounty.

The Tiger Nest Camp is a beautiful camping destination amongst nature’s richness, beautifully located in a rural setting with an incredible view of the Paro valley. It is the only hotel in Bhutan that provides the visitors with safari-inspired tents and private courtyards that offer incredible views of the famous Tiger Nest Monastery. 

The getaway includes 15 tents with standard-sized rooms that are fully insulated and furnished. King-size beds, wardrobes, and attached modern bathrooms with premium toiletries are included in all the rooms. 

A mini-cooler box, Wi-Fi, and a balcony to enjoy a sunrise view or an evening cup of tea are all included in each tenting accommodation.

Ideal for small groups, families, and couples, this location offers a variety of outdoor activities like bonfires, town tours, mountain biking, and nature walks, in addition to a traditional cultural program.

A stylishly built restaurant providing delectable Bhutanese, Indian, Chinese, and continental cuisine is available at The Camp-Resort. A fully stocked bar offers a wide selection of regional and foreign beverages.

Wi-Fi, currency exchange, heating, laundry service, and safe deposit boxes are the resort’s additional facilities. Set in natural surroundings and equipped with modern comfort, The Tiger Nest Camp is an ideal retreat to refresh and rejuvenate yourself and experience the highest level of traditional Bhutanese hospitality.

20. Dhumra Farm Resort (Rating: 3 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The view from Dhumra Farm Resort.

The Dhumra Farm Resort is a magnificent agricultural resort that overlooks the Punakha Valley. The resort is the ideal spot for those who wish to experience  village life but are not quite ready to abandon the comforts of a full-fledged lodge.

It is a cozy, pleasant home with roughly 12 plain rooms that provide access to a variety of historic, cultural, and rural experience.

Enjoy a hot stone bath with a beautiful view of the Punakha Valley, fresh vegetables from the garden, privacy when you need it, and interact with the locals whenever you want. After a hearty breakfast, visitors can stroll down to Punakha Dzong or Talo village.

The resort is a leading farm hotel in Bhutan specializing in high-end agro-tourism. Dhumra Farm Resort caters to select customers seeking solitude, a rustic touch, and high quality of health and safety. Travelers can feast on organic food,  seasonal fruits and vegetables, and enjoy the beautiful views.

21. The Village Lodge Paro (Rating: 3 star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The Village Lodge captures the unique Bhutanese architecture.

The exclusive flagship hotel, Village Lodge in Paro, Tshendona, was designed to capture the distinctive Bhutanese architecture and seamlessly mix in with the nearby farmland. The Village Lodge is unquestionably a masterpiece that drew inspiration from Bhutanese culture. 

The eight mini-suites provide a sense of rural Bhutanese life which is beautifully located in the center of the rice paddy fields. A 24-hour front desk. 

The guestrooms at Village Lodge come with free water bottles and toiletries. The hotel offers free wifi Internet access and daily cleaning services. Each guest room at the resort has a wardrobe. 

The business-friendly Village Lodge also has a BBQ, a garden, and tour or ticket assistance. Parking is free and has designated locations where smoking is permitted. At the hotel, guests can stay in allergy-free rooms and restaurants are available within the hotel.

Professional services are available at the hotel. Visitors can enjoy the breakfast buffet, gift shops, kids’ clubs, and karaoke. The guests can enjoy the meeting/banquet facilities while soaking in the outdoor pool.It is one of the few hotels in Bhutan where pets are allowed,

22. Drubchhu Resort (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan.
The family-run hotel is one of the best in the Punakha Valley.

The Drubchhu resort is a family owned resort,  which overlooks paddy fields and farmlands. It was built over the ruins of an old granary that Zhabdung Jigme Choegyal constructed more than a century ago.It is amongst the few hotels in Bhutan that has a natural spring, which is locally regarded as Drubchhu (healing/miraculous water)

They have an ever-growing kitchen garden, which provides an endless supply of fresh salads. Fresh coffee can be enjoyed in the café with a breathtaking view to start the day. The evenings can be spent relaxing in a hot stone bath, and later spend time in the “Mad Man” bar by a cozy bonfire.

The lodge is located between the three dzongkhags (districts) of Thimphu, Punakha, and Wangdue Phodrang, close to the tri-junction of the National Highway. For this reason, it is the ideal resting stop for the long drive into Bhutan.

Paddy fields, visible throughout the year from Drubchhu in all directions, are a charming representation of rural Bhutan. Huge pine trees that are thought to be the residences of the serpent protectors known as “lues” or “nagas,” who have long lived in the area, protect the area.

23. RKPO Green Resort (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The Green Resort is a resort away from hustle and bustles of city life.

The initials RKPO stand for Rinchen Karma Phuntsho Om, the names of the Resort’s founders, who are a married couple. The Green Resort portrays calm and peace, away from the rush of city life and their concern for the environment and for living an eco-friendly lifestyle. Green Resort is situated within 87,123 square feet of land and is conveniently located within the proximity of the Punakha and Wangduephodrang districts.

To provide the guests a sense of “HOME AWAY FROM HOME,” RKPO is renowned for offering them incredibly high-class services. The corporation wants to develop strong relationships with customers and provide them with their desired services.

RKPO is committed to developing numerous programs related to environmental and social initiatives in line with the government’s aim of upholding peace and a clean environment. To provide the freshest ingredients and herbs to their valued guests, the RKPO family has built a full organic vegetable backyard.

24. Kunzang Zhing Resort (Rating: 4 star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Kunzang Zhing a mix between traditional architecture and 21st-century.

A family-owned, four-star resort, Kunzang Zhing Resort, was built in August 2012 in Punakha Valley. Along with ancient architecture that combines modern advances and an interesting landscape, Kunzang Zhing boasts a modern and unique appearance.

The lobby has a business center and a library, and the outdoor terrace has a fireplace and bar. It has a  beautiful appearance combining traditional architecture with modernity. Unlike other hotels in Bhutan who hire foreign workers for construction/renovation,  the stone crafts on the structures are carefully carved by local sculptors, expressing the beauty of using local construction materials and promoting the craftsmanship of local sculptors. 

The Kunzang Zhing Resort is 5 kilometers outside Punakha, faces gorgeous paddy fields, and provides a spectacular view of the rice fields and the Puna Tsang Chhu River. The view of the mountain slopes, blue skies, and rivers adds to the exquisite experience. The guest rooms are large and comfortable. Bhutanese, Continental, Chinese, and Indian cuisine is available in the restaurant.

25. Dewachen Resort Phobjikha (Rating: 3 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Dewachen hotel.

The Dewachen Hotel includes sixteen double rooms, modern toilet facilities, wonderful bedding, and a restaurant with a magnificent landscape view. They offer great cuisine prepared by a professional chef in the remote valley of Phobjikha – Gantey Gompa, home to the rare Black Necked Cranes. 

Each detail at Dewachen has been carefully considered, and your needs are anticipated and addressed every visit.

They have a cocktail lounge, horse riding facilities, and cultural activities available on request and for a fee. A traditional hot stone bath to sit and relax at the end of the day.

The medium-sized convention space, which can accommodate 30 people and is well equipped with support facilities, can easily manage your most ambitious events. The coldest days and nights are no problem as each room has a wood-burning stove (Bukhari) for heating

The hotel is best suited for Nature enthusiasts, families searching for a great place to explore, and couples seeking solitude.

It would be ideal for visitors to travel around November when the Phobjikha Valley celebrates the annual Black-Necked Crane Festival, which honors the return of the endangered birds from Tibet. Folk music and crane dances illustrate environmental challenges, and admission proceeds benefit local community programs.

26. The Valley Camp (Rating: 3 star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The Valley Camp.

The Valley Camp is great for an authentic getaway to be in one with nature as you will be one of the many people who will have a “once in a lifetime” experience.

The Valley Camp lodge is ideally located 4 kilometers from Gangtey Gonpa, Phobjikha. There is room service in a hotel. There is a well-kept garden on the premises. The reception desk is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This hotel offers a free parking service for all customers who travel by automobile.

The Valley Camp is a one-of-a-kind hotel in Bhutan with cozy rooms and facilities similar to boutique hotels. Being one with nature is ideal for an authentic vacation, and the Villa Camp provides it. 

This hotel is ideal for nature enthusiasts as the hotel aims to preserve its beauty and diversity through the philosophy of sustainable development.

The camp is near the Black Necked Crane Visitor Center in Phobjikha Valley. It has one of the best views of the valley floor, where you may see majestic black-necked cranes perched or flying around.

27. Nemjo Heritage Lodge (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
For something rural and exclusive, this lovely 70-year-old farmhouse is a tasteful blend of the traditional and stylish.

This delightful 70-year-old farmhouse is a perfect blend of the traditional and modern, with only five spacious rooms. The lower-floor rooms are pricey, but the two top-floor suites are excellent for couples or a family. Visitors can make a reservation for the restaurant’s specialty – gyakok (Tibetan-style hotpot).

Nemjo Heritage Lodge is located in Bhutan’s Paro Valley, beside the Paro Chu (River). The entire top floor has been turned into a luxury suite with a large lounge space, rooftop views of neighboring apple orchards, and endless rice paddies that turn into the pine forest that climbs up the valley’s slopes. The middle floor has three rooms, two double rooms, and one single room, and the center area is a cozy small lounge inside the spacious house. 

Everything is tediously furnished with comfortable armchairs, old farming equipment, and traditional woodwork and paintings. Facilities like TV, tea/coffee station, mini-bar, reading areas, and comfortably furnished bedrooms with modern ensuite toilets are available.

Aside from the hot stone and herbal (Menchu) baths, there is a walled turf garden with wooden chairs in the outdoor space. This hotel in Bhutan is ideal for small groups who may want to consider renting out the entire lodge.

28. Mountain Lodge Hotel (Rating: 3 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Mountain lodge overlooks the Wangdicholing palace.

North of Jakar town, on the road to Kurjey temple, and with a view of Wangdicholing, is where you’ll find Mountain Lodge. The family owns and runs one of the oldest hotels in Bumthang. Each room has high-quality hardwood panelling and is independently heated by a fireplace (Bukhari). Hot water is available(24/7) thanks to the central boiler and a skilled crew to manage everything. It is one of the finest 3 Star hotels in Bhutan.

This building is convenient for all guests, thanks to private parking, a large welcoming lobby, and stunning landscapes. The Split Rock Pools, the Village’s cafes, and shops are other nearby attractions.

Every room at the hotel features a desk, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom, bed linens, towels, and a balcony with a stunning outside view. Free WiFi is available throughout the building. A closet is present in each guest room.

They serve a daily breakfast buffet. Visitors to the lodging will be able to engage in local sports like archery on and around the property.

29. Yugharling Resort (Rating: 4 Star)

Hotels in Bhutan
Yugharling Resort.

Yugharling Resort is the only 4 Star hotel in Bumthang with modern amenities while still maintaining the authenticity of the valley

The Yugharling Resort has 44 luxurious rooms, including 14 large rooms in the main building and 30 large rooms with balconies in separate cottages. Each accommodation offers breathtaking views of the towns, winding Chamkhar River, and Chokhor Valley.

There is a separate bar with a pool table at the resort, and the dining area seats 120 people and serves Western, Bhutanese, Chinese, and Indian cuisine. 

Yugharling has a fully functional SPA- Health Club with a sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, traditional stone bath, and massage facilities. A business center, an independent café, and a tea room area in the lobby and spa lounge. 

The resort has a large altar area in the main structure where you can go for a lengthy meditation or yoga session. Due to the breathtaking views from the rooms, Yugharling Resort is a great vacation spot for couples.

It is one of the few hotels in Bhutan that is devoted to protecting the environment and was built using locally excavated soil. To reduce environmental pollution, the exteriors of the buildings are clay washed and painted with vegetable dye.

30. Swiss Guest House (Rating: 3 star)

Hotels in Bhutan
The Swiss Guest House is friendly and has plenty of character making it a popular place to stay.

Swiss Guest House, one of Bumthang’s oldest and most enduring examples of a traditional Bhutanese lodge, continues to provide its long-standing traditions of hospitality and delicacies to anybody looking for peace and tranquility. They have excellent dining with its homemade Swiss cuisine in a refreshingly cool environment.

The Swiss Guesthouse, the first hotel in Bumthang,  is located in Karsumphe, a historical area with a tiny, traditional farmhouse formerly home to the renowned “Karsumphe Angye,” the elder sister of the first King of Bhutan. In the 1970s, the historic house operated as the Project Manager’s office and residence for the Dairy and Forestry Project. 

The true name “Karsumphe Guesthouse” progressively disappeared. Instead, it became known simply as “Swiss Guesthouse” since, at the time, a significant number of Swiss Nationals were working on the project, which frequently gathered at Karsumphe.

The old home was torn down and moved behind the new building complex as a true guest house was built in response to the growth of tourism. 

On the terrace, some of the original walls can still be seen. On the ground floor of the new building are the kitchen and restaurant. Soon, two additional buildings were constructed. 

It is the only hotel in Bhutan that primarily specializes in swiss cuisine. Dishes made with cheese, such as “Fondue” and “Raclette,” are offered at the Swiss Guesthouse because it is maintained by a cheese maker who had his training in Switzerland. However, there are many more Swiss delicacies, such as “Züri Gschnätzlets,” “Bratwurst,” and “Röschti.” Of course, tourists to Bhutan could prefer Bhutanese cuisine, which they also offer, but after a few days in Bhutan, a change can be good. Just give it a try!

These are our Top 30 hotels in Bhutan that we recommend for you and we are certain that you will love these properties and its characteristics along with the people that bring these hotels in Bhutan to life. 


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