If you are ever thinking of travelling to one of the best destinations in Asia, Travel to Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon. Bhutan is a landlocked country located in the Asian continent, It is sandwiched between China and India. The country is known for its unique philosophy of Gross National Happiness. It is under these philosophies that all governmental policies, moral values and principals are created for the country. Furthermore Bhutan is also gifted with green forest, dramatic landscape and clean air to breathe. Each year more guests travel to Bhutan in a sustainable manner.

Understanding the threat of mass tourism, the country has enacted a policy that demands high value, low impacts tourism since 1974. The country has in place various measures to promote peace and happiness via sustainable tourism significantly to promote environmentally friendly values, socially and culturally acceptable policies, and commercially viable society and country as a whole.

1. Gateway Into Bhutan.

Welcome to the Beautiful Landmark of Bhutan.
Welcome to the Beautiful Landmark of Bhutan.

Before coming to Bhutan, international travelers must get visa clearance through a certified travel firm at least 30 days before departure. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months. A $40 visa cost per person is only valid for one visit. The tariff during the off season is $200 all inclusive experience while during the peak season you have to pay $250 all inclusive experience. Peak season months are March, April, May, September, October and November, which is usually during the spring and autumn seasons, while lean seasons are from June, July, August, December, January and February which is usually during the summer and winter seasons.

2. Travelling into Bhutan

Exhilarating  Descent into the Land of Happiness.
Exhilarating Descent into the Land of Happiness.

The main international airport in Bhutan is Paro International Airport, which is located in a deep valley at a height of 7300 feet, making it a thrilling descent. As a result, travels are only arranged under visual meteorological circumstances. Those travellers who wish to travel with a budget would also have the option to travel via road from Phuentsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar in the south through the borders. For your fooding and lodging in Bhutan, It is advisable to make a reservation before visiting Bhutan.

When you reach Paro you will be mesmerized by the beauty of the green mountain, valley and artistic Bhutanese buildings and houses. After exiting the airport, you must first complete your visa formalities, after which you will be greeted with a warm Bhutanese welcome by your guide, who will present you with a scarf, and then you will be taken care by your travel team throughout your journey in Bhutan.

3. What to Expect in Bhutan.

Spectacular Greenery, Foothills, and Mountains of Bhutan.
Spectacular Greenery, Foothills, and Mountains of Bhutan.

Bhutan is a clean, safe and a peaceful country. The country is gradually transforming into contemporary lifestyles in balance with its culture. The country has high mountains, steep valleys, meandering rivers and deep valleys. The capital Thimphu is located 2438 meters above the sea level. You might feel mild altitude sickness initially therefore, remember to carry altitude sickness medicine if you need it but most people are okay and do not get sick of the altitude. The country also has a unique culture and tradition starting from its dress and language that are practiced everyday. Most people in Bhutan are kind and helpful if you face any problems.

Most probably you have already decided for an all inclusive trip to Bhutan so you need not worry about anything and your guide will make sure you experience everything Bhutan has to offer. However, do carry some cash for your personal shopping, alcohol and if you want to make offerings. Smoking is banned in public places. Respect the people, dress well for there are chances that you may encounter the royal family. 

Druk Heritage Tours will provide a sim with an internet package for you during your stay.

4. What Makes Bhutan a Unique Country to Travel.

A phallus artwork is a good luck emblem that wards off evil, it’s not a pornographic image.
A phallus artwork is a good luck emblem that wards off evil, it’s not a pornographic image.

Unlike many countries in the world, Bhutan stands up to be the destination that every person in the world would like to visit. Now, what makes it so unique and popular? Well, it is the way people live in Bhutan. Since 1907 The country has profoundly set a strong foundation in building a good government, policy and the philosophy under the administration of the Wangchuck dynasty. Furthermore, the country is also gifted with a dramatic landscape and virgin green forest making it perfect to hike, trek and connect with oneself. The country has also been recognized and honoured for its efforts to preserve the natural environment; it has been dubbed “The Last Shangrila.”

The country has a rich and indigenous culture, which includes festivals, holidays, cuisines, the clothing we wear everyday (Gho and Kira), the language we speak (Dzongkha), and traditional activities like archery, which are still enjoyable and add to the country’s indigenous beauty.

5. Your Travel to Bhutan during Covid-19 Situation.

Get Vaccinated, Get Masked & Save the World even while you Travel.
Get Vaccinated, Get Masked & Save the World even while you Travel.

Are you considering visiting Bhutan but are unable to due to the current covid19 scenario in Bhutan? Well, you can travel to Bhutan now. From 5th august 2021, Bhutan has resumed issuing tourist visas. 

However travellers must abide by safety protocols assigned by the Ministry of health. After meeting the existing COVID-19 standards, including the 14-day mandatory quarantine, Druk Heritage will facilitate the entrance of guests on a case-by-case basis. Guests who wish to visit Bhutan must also meet the following requirements. 

1.You can travel to Bhutan by applying through us at https://www.drukheritage.com/contact

2. Only those arriving by air will be permitted entry.

3. Following the mandatory quarantine, the Minimum Daily Package Rate (MDPR) and associated exemptions will apply for the rest of the tour.

4. During the quarantine period, only appropriate days will be charged a Sustainable Development Fee (SDF) per person per night.

5. Pay for all tests in accordance with COVID-19 requirements.

6. Adhere to the current National COVID-19 policy and recommendations.

7. Insurance coverage for COVID-19 is required.

8. Obtain a COVID-19 negative certificate from a laboratory.

During the 14-day quarantine period, the Royal Government of Bhutan will pay for meals and lodging at government-approved hotels. We will release the Frequently Asked Queries (FAQ) flyer that is currently being produced to answer questions about visiting Bhutan in light of the current situation as soon as possible. You might want to forward this message to family and friends who are planning a trip to Bhutan shortly. We are optimistic that we will be able to reopen fully for our guests in the near future, with more relaxed travel conditions.

Besides that, travelling in Bhutan is very safe. Just make sure to be safe enroute to Bhutan.  Petty crimes are rare! There are no traffic lights in the nation; instead, there are traffic wardens, whom the residents adore. Tobacco cultivation and sale are not encouraged. Climbing high peaks and stupas (where spirits reside) is prohibited, and all staff must dress in traditional attire during working hours. Do respect the people, the culture and you will have a memorable time in Bhutan.

Here are Some Tips for Safe and Easy Travel in Bhutan:

1. Travelling By Road in Bhutan.

Drive Slow and Carefully
Drive Slow and Carefully

Bhutan, being a mountainous country with steep hillsides and highways, makes traveling through high mountains and foothills  both fascinating and dangerous; therefore, drive slowly, especially when passing through curves or bends, and cliffs.

Traveling on rocky and windy roads can cause car nausea, so bring anti-motion medication like Dramamine with you.

While on your walk or climb, stay away from the steep cliff edge.

2. Theft Risk in Bhutan Less than 1%.

Norzin Road in Thimphu, Bhutan.
Norzin Road in Thimphu, Bhutan.

Even though frauds and thefts are nearly non-existent in Bhutan, they cannot be ruled out. Because no severe incidents have been reported, the danger of meeting criminality when strolling on Bhutanese roadways is very low. 

To avoid theft in Bhutan, be a little cautious about the individuals you meet, the places you visit, and the hours you roam and spend, especially during late night. 

Your guide will be with you every step of the way as your travel companion and a local friend.

3. Unexpected Natural Disaster Risk.

The Glaciers in Bhutan
The Glaciers in Bhutan

Natural disasters such as earthquakes are quite probable in these mountainous regions including neighboring countries like Nepal. Landslides and monsoon floods are quite high in the south and less in the west and east during summer.

It’s critical that you travel while the roads are in good shape. The best time to travel Bhutan is in the months of Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Sept, Oct and Nov where the weather will be pleasant, warm and cool but if you want to watch the high mountains and foothills with snow you would have to travel between December and February. 

4. No Kidnappings and Mugging risk.

Taking Initiatives
Taking Initiatives

Despite the fact that there have been few cases of kidnapping and mugging recorded to the authorities in Bhutan, this does not mean you should be careless and do whatever you want. Avoid going out late at night alone or walking in dark places, particularly in the city. Take a friend with you to explore the nightlife.

5. Zero Terrorism Risk.

Zero Terrorism Risk
Zero Terrorism Risk

Although there has been no recent history of terrorism in Bhutan, it is impossible to rule out the possibility of an attack. You should be aware of the global threat of indiscriminate terrorist attacks, which may occur in public places, including those frequented by expats and foreign visitors.

6. Stray Dogs of Bhutan.

A Dogs World; Avoid Sneaking into their Area
A Dogs World; Avoid Sneaking into their Area

Over the last year, the number of stray dogs has increased dramatically. The danger posed by stray dogs is widespread throughout the country’s towns and cities. They are more violent late at night, so don’t go out alone and hang out with friends. In the highlands, you must also be cautious of the guard dogs.


Brighter future for children through free education in Bhutan
Brighter future for children through free education in Bhutan

Although the covid19 epidemic has not resulted in many deaths in Bhutan.  Certain parts of the country, the pandemic is still ongoing; consequently, avoid crowded public venues (such as malls and markets) and mass gatherings. Keep an eye on the news and heed the recommendations of local officials.

Take Away

We understand the security and safety of you travelling to Bhutan or any other country is imperative but most of the common risk pertaining to your safety is  merely how you deal and care about it. Travelling to Bhutan is not very risky; crime rates are very low, most people are generous, helpful, spiritual  and happy. However, sometimes we cannot guarantee anything, but we will ensure that it’s all under control.  Hence, the above mentioned risks are most common that people are concerned about. So now you can vividly visualise what you must do and not do in Bhutan. Have a great trip.
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