guides in Bhutan
guides in Bhutan
Foreigners must be with a guide or on a guided tour in Bhutan.

There are over 1000 licensed professional tour guides in Bhutan, who are the most entertaining and energetic people you will meet on your trip to Bhutan. In addition to the magnificent sights and landmarks, guides in Bhutan will undoubtedly provide you with an unforgettable experience and insights into local cultures.

Your guide(s) will, at the very least, provide you with more information about Bhutan than you could ever acquire from a book, television program or google. In the best-case scenario, you would be making a new friend for your vacation to Bhutan. Therefore, make the most of your trip by learning more about tour guides in Bhutan.

Guides Of Bhutan 

guides in Bhutan
Tour guide with American tourist

Understanding the meanings of the magnificent murals to witness monkeys in the branches is much more fun if you are on a guided tour to Bhutan. 

As mentioned previously, Bhutan has over 1000 authorized guides. All guides are professionally qualified to provide you with the best possible experience. The tour guides in Bhutan have all undergone training in either cultural or adventure tours. At the same time, some tour guides are specialized in both. These knowledgeable tour guides will be your traveling companion, your friend in Bhutan, and the memories you take back home.

One of the first Bhutanese people you encounter upon arrival as a visitor is your tour guide, who also serves as your supervisor, luggage handler, concierge, historian, hiking leader, and companion, all bundled in one.

Language Speaking Guides 

guides in Bhutan
Good company in a journey makes the way seems shorter.

Many tour guides in Bhutan have completed language courses such as (German, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and other languages) by living in those countries or from various language training institutes. The main idea behind language specialized guides is to ensure easy communication with tourists to enhance their travel experiences

So, if you’re worried about the vast communication gap, Bhutan is the place to go because it has expert language guides!

Want To Travel To Bhutan? Try Druk Heritage Experience

guides in Bhutan
Glimpse of beautiful Bhutan

Druk Heritage Tours is the ultimate travel specialist if you are looking for an authentic Bhutanese experience, where your entire holiday to Bhutan is planned & prepared for you as per your choice and interests.

Druk Heritage Tours is one of the travel companies in Thimphu to take your holiday with if you want an authentic Bhutanese experience. They will plan and design your entire Bhutan trip based on your preferences and interests. Enjoy divine encounters, exciting journeys, friendly tour guides, and magnificent landscapes that are hand-picked for you by your travel advisor at Druk Heritage.

Druk Heritage employs some of the most professional, active, fun, and knowledgeable tour guides in Bhutan to provide you with an unforgettable experience. We ensure you have the best travel experience and stay in Bhutan.

Ready to grab your travel gear?

guides in Bhutan
Druk Heritage is the ultimate travel specialist if you want an authentic Bhutanese experience.

Even though Bhutan is amazing on its own, traveling across it under the guidance of an experienced tour guide is like adding icing to an already delicious cake. Whether you visit Bhutan for the first time or returning again for a different experience, the travel adventure you embark on will undoubtedly be one you remember fondly. Your experienced, skilled, and entertaining tour companion will be the guides in Bhutan.

We are pleased to help you if you want more information on our offers, the hotels in bhutan, and fight options for your trip to Bhutan. Prepare for your journey to Bhutan by getting in touch with Druk Heritage for planning your ideal itinerary, and what to pack for your travel to Bhutan.


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