Vehicles in Bhutan
Transportation and Vehicles in Bhutan

Bhutan has come a long way since it first opened its doors to the outside world by starting tourism in 1974, which also marks a significant moment when His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck the fourth King of Bhutan was also enthroned. A total of 287 tourists visited that year and transportation in Bhutan at the time was still at its level best. But, now the Kingdom has come a long way in its development and it stands for a variety of premium services including luxury vehicles in Bhutan delivered to valuable tourists; with an experience of a lifetime.

All the tourism companies in Bhutan, provide niche travels with unique itineraries where every part of the trip has been made to suit the guest’s style and taste. 

Druk Heritage, your partner for traveling in Bhutan cares not only about where you travel but also how you travel. Today we bring you 10 luxury vehicle services provided by Druk Heritage because every guest deserves to explore Bhutan in its best way. 

1. Toyota Land Cruiser

Vehicles in Bhutan
Toyota Land Cruiser

Starting with Toyota Landcruiser, the best choice for VIP guests visiting the Kingdom of Bhutan. With the capacity to take in 5 persons including a driver, the Toyota Land Cruiser is best known to be one of the most comfortable vehicles in Bhutan. 

Looking towards the safety of all the guests, the Toyota Land Cruiser fits perfectly with the highest safety on road records with of course well experienced drivers as well. A premium vehicle for transportation in Bhutan for Premium Guests. 

2. Toyota Prados

Vehicles in Bhutan
Toyota Prados

The Toyota Prados is one of the most comfortable luxury SUV vehicles in Bhutan also maintained for VIP guests. The vehicle includes 4 seats for guests and an impressive off-road ability, perfect for long and comfortable outback trips all around Bhutan. 

So whether you are traveling for a long extended itinerary or up a bumpy mountain, you will feel like nothing but comfort in the luxury SUV Toyota Prado with trained and experienced drivers to guide you around. 

3. Toyota Hi-Ace Van

Vehicles in Bhutan
Toyota Hi-Ace Van

Are you traveling with your family or a group of friends, well don’t worry about leaving anyone behind because the Toyota HiAce Van has all the needs to fit everyone together for luxurious transportation in Bhutan. 

This van can fit up to 7 guests and is also very spacious so that everyone can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing journey in Bhutan. 

4. Toyota Coaster Bus

Vehicles in Bhutan
Toyota Coaster Bus

With the new and improved Toyota Coaster Bus, it can now take up to 20 guests with enough space inside and is considered to be one of the most comfortable vehicles in Bhutan to take a group of people on a deluxe journey of a lifetime.

With the wide windows, the coasters are fully maintained for travelers sightseeing in the beautiful mountains and locations of Bhutan. 

5. Hyundai Santa fe 

Vehicles in Bhutan
Hyundai Santa fe

The Hyundai Santa Fe is well known to be a Prime SUV vehicle in Bhutan. With a cozy and sizable interior, this vehicle fits perfectly for anyone traveling with a small group of 4 and feels what it truly means to be an esteemed guest.  

Explore Bhutan like it’s meant to be seen with the Hyundai Santa splendid, a vehicle meant for VIP transportation in Bhutan.

6. Hyundai Creta

Vehicles in Bhutan
Hyundai Creta

Are you traveling with a small group of friends or family, well then the Hyundai Creta is the perfect one for your grand trip to Bhutan? Hyundai Creta is a Prime Sedan car, perfect for those who want to for a long and comfortable journey to explore the beautiful scenes of Bhutan.

This SUV can fit up to 4 guests and has a very spacious and restful interior as well. 

7. Hyundai H1 Van 

Vehicles in Bhutan
Hyundai H1 Van

The Hyundai H1 Van is another traveler’s favorite transportation in Bhutan. Whether you are visiting Bhutan with your family or a small group of friends, the Hyundai H1 Van never disappoints for a lush pleasant tour around the Kingdom. 

This Van can accommodate 4 people with plenty of room to sit comfortably and travel with your loved ones.

8. Kia Seltos 

Vehicles in Bhutan
Kia Seltos

With 4 comfortable seats for guests, the Kia Seltos is considered to be one of the favorite luxury travel vehicles in Bhutan. This SUV not only accommodates well but is also very pleasant while traveling even on rough roads up the mountains. 

You can restfully fit 4 guests in the Kia Seltos and experience luxury travel within Bhutan. 

9. Kia Sonet 

Vehicles in Bhutan
Kia Sonet

Most of the Kia SUVs are now becoming the tourist’s preferred choice of transportation in Bhutan. The Kia Sonet is another luxury travel vehicle that fits perfectly for anyone traveling with a small group of people. 

This amazing SUV can fit up to 4 guests comfortably and is preferred by most tourists for a long travel journey. 

10. Suzuki Brezza

Vehicles in Bhutan
Suzuki Brezza

Are you traveling with your partner or a friend to Bhutan? Well, then the Suzuki Brezza is the perfect choice for your transportation in Bhutan as it offers an amazing and relaxing interior, made exactly for your comfort. 

This SUV can accommodate up to 4 guests and is preferred by most guests for local tours and travels within Bhutan. 

So there you have it; along with adventurous tourism trips, these are the 10 luxury travel vehicles offered by Druk Heritage for our valuable guests. Because we care to deliver the best for your journey to Bhutan. 


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