7 Life Lessons To Never Forget.
7 Life Lessons To Never Forget.
Make your life a more profound and wonderful experience

1. Get rid of the lies.

Get rid of the lies.
Open your mind to the universal truth

Simply take a minute to discover at least one unnecessary item in your life and eliminate it immediately – don’t think of your boss, mother-in-law, or next-door neighbor. You must eliminate a part of yourself that is no longer useful in your life. “I will kill my rage,” for example, would be excessively broad, and this is not something that can be accomplished alone via willpower – it requires awareness to achieve Life Lessons.

Identify anything particular that you would be better off without and where you can take a move today – no matter how tiny. Choose one small thing that you will not, under any circumstances, do again.  “I will not be furious,” for example, would be a lie because you have no control over this, but it may be “I will not say angry words.”

Make a decision about something you can and will do. This is how you may change your life in little stages. But you should go ahead and do it; it shouldn’t happen again.

It should be dead like when something is killed. If you want to get closer to the truth, you must lower your investment in what isn’t true. It may not all go away at once, but you must gradually lower it.

2. Change the status quo.

Change the status quo
Focus what can be improved and take action

Examine your life in terms of what can be improved and take action. Crying about things you can’t alter is a surefire way to keep things the same. Examine this at least once a month, on the full moon day, and choose one minor aspect of yourself that you want to change.

“Every time I eat, I will spend 10 seconds in thankfulness for this food that will become a part of me,”.”Every time I use something that is an essential element of my life, such as the soil, water, air, and everything else around me, I will save one percent of it,’ or

“I’ll make sure I only put on my plate what I can eat,”. These simple details will make a difference in your life and distinguish you.

3. Keep in mind that you are mortal.

Keep in mind that you are mortal
Even the smallest light shines in the darkness

Every human being must create their psychological and emotional framework around the most fundamental fact of their existence: their mortality. People currently need a heart attack or the presence of a malignant lump someplace to realize that they are mortal because life doesn’t wait for you even for a second, you must appreciate and cherish every moment of your existence.

If you were eternal, you could spend a hundred years in each of depression, anxiety, mania, and agony before becoming cheerful on the 500th year. However, this is not the case. You are mortal, and the clock is ticking. So there is no room in this life for dissatisfaction, depression, anxiety, anger, or anything else unpleasant. No matter what job you have, you must dig your fingers into the dirt/ earth for at least an hour every day. This will help you develop a natural physical memory, a bodily recall of your mortality.

4. Make the decision to live wisely.

Make the decision to live wisely
Relax your mind and body

Is it more pleasurable to be loving or to be furious, spiteful, and jealous within yourself? Which method of existence is more intelligent? Isn’t it lovely? All I’m suggesting is that you should live intelligently. This isn’t for the sake of someone else. It is lovely and enjoyable for you.

Making the world a more loving place is not something you do for someone else. It’s a clever manner of existing. Every action you take in your life has the potential to create a loving world. Making the world a more loving place does not imply doing more or less. If you live your life always focused on what you want, it will undoubtedly happen in your immediate surroundings, as well as in the bigger surroundings.

5. Make a decision on the quality of your life.

Make a decision on the quality of your life.
Its the company you keep that determines your happiness

In many respects, most people’s happiness, calm, and love are dependent on their surroundings. So, if the stock market rises, you are pleased; if the stock market falls, you are dissatisfied. But it’s not about what’s around you that determines your quality of life.

The size of the house we reside in or the automobile we drive have no bearing on our capacity to live happily here. These things make your life easier and more convenient, but the most important aspect of your life is how you are right now.

You’re not new to living a happy and quiet life. Isn’t it true that you were like that as a kid? So, I’m not talking about taking you further; rather, I’m talking about starting from the beginning of your existence.

6. Humility contains intelligence.

Humility contains intelligence
Respect for the beautiful planet you walk on

The difference between a fool and an intelligent person is that the latter is aware of his folly, whereas the former is not. It takes a lot of intelligence to recognize your own foolishness. Do you truly comprehend anything in this world — a tree, a blade of grass, a grain of sand, or even a single atom? No.

What should you do in the world if you have this degree of intelligence and perception? Gently, with a sense of humility, respect, and love for all that surrounds you. If not with love, then with astonishment, because you have no idea what’s going on in this planet.

You will not be able to avoid a spiritual process if you simply learn to walk in this manner. You don’t need to be taught anything. It’ll happen to you regardless.This is why, in eastern cultures, you always bow down to whatever you see, whether it’s a rock, an animal, or a person.

Respect for the planet you walk on, the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the people you meet, and everything else you utilize, including your body and mind, is a key component of success in any activity.

7. There is no such thing as good and bad.

There is no such thing as good and bad
Take a moment to reflect on your inner self

If you want to call it that – your inner world should only be a reflection of what is going on around you. This may run counter to some moral theories that state that the outer and inner selves should not come into contact with one another since you will be corrupted by everything around you. That isn’t correct. Only when you have ideas on everything do you become tainted by what is around you. You consider one thing to be good and another to be terrible. You develop a strong attachment to what you think to be good.

You try everything you can to avoid what you think to be terrible, and this, of course, will rule you from within. This is not the way to go about things. The way to be within is to see everything exactly as it is. If you perceive something that isn’t there, you’re contaminating the world with your prejudices and opinions. Creation is made so that you may see it as it is, not so that you can make it the way you desire.

Humanity is committing an atrocity against the Creator’s creation. What are you going to do with such a great creation? Only absorb it if you can – and even that is difficult because creativity is incredibly multi-tiered. So many things are going on right now — one inside the other, all in the same space, all at the same time.

Everything you think is in the past is here, and everything you think will be in the future is right here.

You become the very source of creation if you perceive everything as it is, if the entire creation reflects within you, if you can contain creation as it is within you. Inside and out, that is the way to be.


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