A wedding is when two souls vow to one another. The people you care about the most gather to make this day even more memorable for you. It is one of the very few occasions you will spend weeks, months or even years planning.

However, It ends in a split second! The photographs, videos, and most importantly the memories are all that are left.  And by having a destination wedding, you can go on vacation with all of your loved ones at the same time. You are not only in a captivating location, but you can also spend the moment with your favorite individuals.

But why should Bhutan be your wedding destination of choice? Here are 7 reasons you should pick Wedding Destination Bhutan.

Prepare to be fascinated by the charms of the country.

1. Landscape and scenery

Bhutan boasts stunning and breathtaking landscapes that are perfect for pictures, steep and high mountains cut through a network of fast rivers that carve out deep valleys before emptying into the Indian plains. 

Bhutan is beautiful, with the Himalayas as its backdrop and lush mountains on all sides. For good reason, it is commonly referred to as the last Shangri-La.

Bhutan is thus without a doubt the finest destination if you wish to make your wedding celebration unforgettable. Make Wedding Destination Bhutan a reality!

Jaw-dropping landscapes and sceneries, rivers, and mountains effortlessly serve as astounding backdrops for your wedding destination Bhutan

2. Traditional Architecture

The construction techniques used in Bhutanese architecture include wattle and daub, rammed earth, stone masonry, and intricate woodwork around windows and roofs. No iron bars or nails are used in traditional architecture construction, and there is no planning on paper.

The majestic dzongs are breathtaking to behold. Its architecture is impressive and of the highest caliber. So much so that it has even been copied in other nations. Dzongs of Bhutan have a rich history and tradition.

Therefore, the architectures in Bhutan are distinctive and serve as a beautiful backdrop, making it simple for you to achieve an outstanding wedding setting for your Wedding Destination in Bhutan.

Bhutanese Traditional Architecture is unique and serves as a beautiful backdrop for photoshoots.

3. Traditional wedding ceremony

Religious ceremonies are carried out by Buddhist monks and lamas during the traditional Bhutanese wedding ceremony. Lhabsang, butter lamp offerings, Thrisor, Tsepamey Choko, Dhar Naynga, mask dances, and folk songs and dances are some of the religious rites. 

At the open and scenic locations, dancers from local institutes also perform mask dances, folk songs, and dances in addition to the traditional rite. 

The traditional attire, Gho, and Kira (Gho for men and Kira for women) are another attractive feature for travelers. Gho is a knee-length robe-like garment that is neatly fastened with a belt, Kera. Kira is a long, ankle-length dress that resembles an apron.

Folk songs, dances, mask dances, and religious ceremonies are performed during a Bhutanese wedding.
Fun fact: Tony Leung and Carina Lau, two Chinese actors, decided to wed in Bhutan at Uma by COMO, Paro. The celebrity pair can be seen in the picture standing in front of a lush background while dressed in traditional Bhutanese attire.

4. Exclusive and intimate experience

With a population of just over seven hundred thousand and annual tourist visits of over three hundred thousand, Bhutan is one of the least congested tourist attractions. Nobody will interfere with your event in any manner. Couples can have a more exclusive and intimate experience as a result.

5. Spirituality

With temples and monasteries widespread across the country, Bhutan claims to be the world’s last Buddhist bastion. The Bhutanese use this phrase to refer to how Buddhism permeates practically every element of daily life and the political system. Besides, It has consistently held the title of the world’s happiest nation. 

Marriage is a sacred ritual where two people form a lasting spiritual tie. Which place could better fit this purpose than Bhutan?

In Bhutan, Buddhism is the most widely practiced religion. There are 75% Buddhists and 23% Hindus in the country.

6. Hospitality

The people of Bhutan are welcoming and friendly. The kingdom will impart their hospitality in a variety of ways, including invitations to join in for butter tea, share meals, or simple exchanges of information and tales. 

School children, monks, and the inhabitants of isolated rural villages are very curious to see new visitors and are ready to offer their genuine hospitality, even to random passersby. 

Well, you can be assured you are in good hands!

Bhutanese are warm and welcoming people, curious about every new face they see

7. Honeymoons

Bhutan provides something for everyone, regardless of your interests in history, exercise, sightseeing, or religion. Scenic scenery is surrounded by stunning High Peak Mountains and shady forests. Also, 72% of the country is covered in forests, making Bhutan not only carbon-neutral but also the only country in the world that is carbon negative.

Taking a hike to majestic mountains? discovering the vibrant villages? or studying the dzongs’ past while meditating inside peaceful monasteries? In Bhutan, there are several activities available that are certain to fascinate you. Besides, after the strain of wedding planning, it is the ideal location to unwind. Which makes Bhutan a perfect place for newly married couples to spend their honeymoons. 

If you want your wedding to be the happiest day of your life, pick Bhutan and leave all the planning in the hands of the professionals. 

Druk Heritage is one of Bhutan’s well-known travel experts, experienced in handling solo trips, private tours, group tours, and various trips for over a decade. At Druk Heritage, we prioritize your health and custom design itineraries based on your choice, with several additional benefits.  So, for the length of your destination wedding, you can also be confident that you will always have something to do, whether it is sightseeing, hiking, or just unwinding. Now that you know a little bit about this breathtaking location, start planning your Wedding Destination in Bhutan with Druk Heritage, right away!

Travel Well to Bhutan!


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