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Explore the Haa valley when you visit Bhutan

When you get the itinerary, check for the places and look up the Haa valley. If it is not there, call your tour operator right now and include Haa valley for two days at the least. There is neither Disney land nor a Circus, but it will give you double the peace and joy. It is just a two hour’s drive southwest from the Paro valley, but you will notice an utter difference between them. The lifestyle and architecture of the Haa valley give a traditional and medieval feel to visitors. There is more than the valley and its traditional lifestyle. Here are six reasons why you should visit Haa valley when you visit Bhutan.

1. Chele La- the highest pass in Bhutan

Mount Jomolhari from Chele La Pass, bhutan | CamelKW | Flickr

The view of Mount Jomolhari from Chele La pass

Chele La is the highest motorable pass in Bhutan, sitting high at 13, 083 ft above sea level. It lies high and mighty between Paro and Haa valley. Feel the chill in your spine as you breathe fresh air, synthesized by thousands of Fir, and listen to the call of Yellow-Billed Magpie that welcomes you to cherish nature’s divine creation. 

Evergreen towering Fir trees at the base of Chele La is home to many bird species. In summer, the birds’ chirp and calls echo from the fluttering Fir leaves, while branches droop down, weepy by the snows’ weight in the winter. Afar, you can spot gleaming snow-capped mountains, an elegant feature of the Himalayas. I swear you will get the best feel and touch from nature and its beauty.

2. An ideal place for an excursion

Hike through the evergreen conifers of the Haa valley

Haa is an ideal place for hiking and trekking with your friends and family. Lush green surroundings with unpolluted air and fresh mountain rivers make Haa valley the perfect family travel destination. Take a break from roaring vehicles and busy city days, go deep into the woods near a fresh mountain spring, and pitch a camp. Don’t worry about the wild; singing birds and harmless cute animals will accompany you. 

Haa valley’s serene surroundings also provide hikers a delightful trip. Very light traffic allows you a peaceful and pleasurable adventure.  Usually, group travelers go mountain biking to visit monasteries and high green hills. Ride through the woods and up the mountains with your friends to add to your book of memories. 

Astounding trekking trails at Haa

Leave your phones and grab a camera for a peaceful hike. Hike from the Chele La pass through colorful rhododendrons, towered by evergreen blue pines that end at Kila Nunnery. It is an excellent opportunity to listen to nature and smell spring’s fresh blooms if you are a solo traveler. I am more of a solo traveler; last year in May, I trekked the Kila Nunnery trail, and it was the best walk of my life. I can still remember the songs of the birds and the smell of fresh Rhododendron.

3. Staggering myths of the Haa Valley

Bho-Yak”: Arrival of Festivals at Haa! | Tshering Dorji's Blog

The festival and Offerings to appease Ap Chundu

Historically, Haa valley was cursed and controlled by evil deities- Ap Chundu is one of them. Local people of Haa killed Yak and offered fresh blood to appease wrathful local deities. During the eighth century, Guru Rinpoche performed a ceremony and subdued the local deities. Ap Chundu prostrated to Guru Rinpoche and turned right. Ultimately he became the powerful protecting deity of Haa valley, and still today, people pray and seek protection. Every year in the Autumn, locals of the Haa valley perform festivals called the Bho-Yak to appease Ap Chundu.

4. Miri Puensum- The Three Brother Hills

The view of the Three Brother Hills

Majestic mountains and hills enclose Haa valley’s lush green beauty. Meri-Puensum, known as the Three Brother Hills, is the Haa valley’s captivating landmark for first-time visitors. Three pointy hills hold prestigious, spiritual importance for local people. They pay homage to the Three Brother Hills, considering them as an embodiment of religious figures. 

An enthralling nature trail is located along the Three Brother Hills. You will come across small wooden bridges over fresh streams. Save your sweet wrappers and plastic; there are reused tin cans for disposing waste along the trail.

5. The Rich Biodiversity of the Haa Valley- Flora and Fauna

Blue Poppy- the national flower of Bhutan

It is a fact that Bhutan boasts its rich biodiversity. Haa, with its thick vegetation, is blessed with rich species and undisturbed ecosystems. The Haa valley is home to more than 250 plant species, the habitat for the Blue Poppy, Bhutan’s national flower.

It is also the Habitat for many significant animals. Himalayan musk deer, Blue sheep, Grey Langurs, and Himalayan Marmots roam deep in tHaa’scool forests. The Tourism Council of Bhutan lists Haa as one of the best bird-watching spots in Bhutan. You can spot significant birds like Wood Snipe, Rufous-Necked Hornbill, Satyr Tragopan, and Chestnut-breasted Partridges. 

6. The best of times in the Haa Valley

An array of Rhododendrons in the spring season

The Weather in the Haa valley is cold in the winter; traveling, trekking, and hiking is challenging for many tourists. However, winter showers and paints the lush green valley with white snowflakes to give the winter mood. Spring and Autumn is the best time to visit and explore the Haa valley. During these seasons, the moderate weather allows you to experience the best moments. Fragrant rhododendrons attract bees and birds, offering fantastic bird watching and photography adventures during the Spring season. 

Note for Visitors: Know the best travel agent in Bhutan

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You will have stories to tell back at home if you visit the Haa valley in Bhutan. Haa is blessed with a virgin lush green valley, accessorized by spectacular hills and mountains. Call it crazy or unique; people of the Haa valley live traditional lifestyles and have striking beliefs. Contact us at https://www.drukheritage.com/contact/ for your upcoming trip to  Bhutan and book a flight ticket to explore the Haa valley; open your eyes and smile at nature’s enchanting creation.

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