Bhutan! The small landlocked Himalayan peaceful kingdom in pursuit of Buddhism conserves its unique culture and tradition to portray its independent identity.

Gross National Happiness (GNH)

Symbolism of happiness and prosperity in Bhutan.

Bhutan is the first and only country to prioritize Gross National Happiness over Gross Domestic Product. It is a sustainable approach to development with balanced values for the tranquility of people while measuring the economic and moral progress of the country. GNH consists of the 4 pillars: good governance, sustainable and social-economic development, cultural preservation, and environmental conversation. 

Cultural and Holistic Infrastructure of the Centuries

Precariously built Paro Taktshang (aka Tiger Nest) on the steep cliffs.

The ancient complex architecture and artistic skills are seen in dzongs, monasteries, and temples that firmly stand today. The precariously built Paro Taktshang (Tiger Nest) monastery on the steep cliffs, Punakha Dzong (ancient fortress) in the middle of two rivers, is the stunning living wonders of Bhutan. The Big Buddha (Dordenma), the tallest bronze statue in the world, overlooks the capital city. Bhutan also holds the record of being the only country with no traffic lights.  Though Bhutan is geographically small and demographically less populated it includes many concealed wonders.

Paro International Airport,  with a short runway.

Unique greetings with goodbye ensure the visitors necessities from processing visas, whole-hearted receiving, safety and welfare, to the awful departure. The professional tour guides and the hospitality staff are always at your service. Well planned itineraries ensure the visitors to  a smooth visit. Visitors always return satisfied with happy memories from the only international airport in Bhutan.

Sustainable Green Destination

Astonishing view of Phobjikha Valley, silence in the dawn.

Bhutan is blessed with rich biodiversity to the extent that it is recorded as being the only carbon-neutral country. Bhutan reserves national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to preserve endangered species. The constitution mandates 60% of forest cover. It is the perfect place for Botanists and wildlife biologists to explore new species of flora and fauna. Unlike many other countries, Bhutan gets to experience all four seasons: bloomy spring, snowy winter, windy fall, and rainy summer. The precarious unclimbed mountains, breezy and sparkling waterfalls, and the lush green forests mark Bhutan as a peaceful country.

Exclusive Culture and tradition

Sacred mask dance performance, visualizing the path after life.

The art of living and various ceremonies are unique. From birth to marriage and death, a systemized ancient culture is followed. Eating habits, tranquil melodies, religious worship, antique infrastructure, delightful festivals, and Bhutanese attire, collectively overwhelm every visitor. Significant remains of the great saints and the historical mystery are preserved in the national museum. Visitors enjoy the pristine culture and tradition preserved over centuries.

Thrilling Adventures with the yeti

Exhilarating snowmen trek, one of the toughest treks  in the world

The mountainous landscape and the diverse climate favors various levels of hiking and trekking. As simple as the one-hour Chelle la nature walk to the 27 days snowmen trek,  the adventures are customized for visitors.

Inherent Integrity of the Bhutanese

Experience the unforgettable Bhutan mountain festival!

The inclination of  Bhutanese integrity has won the hearts of many discerning travelers. The inherent humbleness and kindness of the Bhutanese mesmerize every tourist with enormous respect and unparalleled service.  This is why Bhutan is a must-visit travel destination for every traveler.

Bhutan is the only destination that helps to rediscover yourself. Dream about your future trip to Bhutan- The Peaceful Land of Thunder Dragon.

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