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Bhutan, The last Shangrila

Bhutan, a tiny landlocked country is one of the happiest countries. Bhutan is well known for its Gross National Happiness(GNH) and it is becoming an exemplary policy for developments globally. Bhutan is a happy country Indeed with its Slogan “Happiness is a Place”. The decade has come to an end and 2020 is not the kind of happy ending we wished for. You can still make the remaining days of 2020 your best days yet.

   Happiness is a place by TCB

Covid 19 that shook the world has been marked in our history. Bhutan with zero deaths till now due to Covid 19 is fighting the pandemic under the command of His Majesty the King, the unwavering health sector, and the selfless volunteerism by the Desuups (The guardians of peace, a voluntary organization initiated by His Majesty the King). Bhutan is a world in itself with a population of 7,54,394. If you wish to get away from the tumult lifestyles, Bhutan is the answer you seek. Bhutan is the only carbon negative country in the world and it offers a spiritual and rejuvenating experience for visitors. 

Why is Bhutan the happiest country?

Traditional dress of nomads in northwest

There is no country like Bhutan where people would  wave and genuinely smile at you.The warmth in their aura and greetings will make you feel at home. “Kuzuzangpo La” is how Bhutanese greet meaning “To good health”. Bhutanese authentic tradition, cultural values, etiquettes, and spirituality are in balance with the developmental activities. Not to forget, the country’s rich biodiversity and top-notch environmental conservation is what makes Bhutan a splendid and one of the best tourist hotspots in the world. 

Gross National Happiness is one of Bhutan’s conceptual approaches that looks after the well being of the country and its citizens. It was framed by the fourth king of Bhutan with his vision to balance economic growth with cultural and environmental preservation. Unlike GDP, GNH focuses on citizen’s well being, prosperity and the quality of life along with economic growth.

Why Is Bhutan so special?

Khamsum yulley Namgyal stupa

Bhutan, a small dot of a size you see on the world map with a square kilometer of 38,394 only. Bhutan is a country where development goes hand in hand with the preservation of culture and heritage and the well-being of the people. Its 70% forest coverage, pristine environment, and ancient Buddhist Architectures make Bhutan special. The country and the Bhutanese people are believed to be blessed as the kingdom itself a sacred place to visit. 

Bhutan is famous for its ancient monasteries, spiritual sacred sites, magnificent fortresses, and untouched mountains and landscapes. The gems of Bhutan are the colossal statue of Buddha that commands the capital city of Bhutan, the precarious Tiger’s nest in Paro (Taktsang Monastery), the bowl-shaped valley of Phobjikha where Black-necked cranes inhabit, the ancient watchtower of Paro dzong/fort, the palace of happiness at Punakha valley to name a few.

The Black-necked cranes of Phobjikha valley during winter

 Are Bhutanese really happy?

Little monks of Bhutan

It is hard to imagine a small country like Bhutan –  sandwiched between two large countries, China and India – is the happiest country in Asia and the 8th happiest country in the world. Bhutan is called the “Switzerland of Asia” because of its topography and size. Bhutan is one of the happiest countries because the Bhutanese lifestyles generally revolve around the idea of forgiveness and compassion and the Gautama Buddha’s pali ways (The path to eliminate suffering).

Though Bhutan is now opened to the world, the cultural and traditional integrity is strongly intact. Bhutan is a place where you can find both tranquility and happiness. Bhutan, The land of the thunder dragon is possibly the happiest place on earth.

Traveling to Bhutan amidst covid 19

Desuup volunteers, the guardians of peace. 

 The pandemic has been the biggest concern and the highlight and your wish to travel to Bhutan remains unattainable for 2020. It is not going to be the same for 2021 because  Druk Heritage Tours is one of the best tour operators in Bhutan inviting travel enthusiasts to visit the last Shangrila, Bhutan. 

                                      Travel is about great service – Druk Heritage Tours

Come 2021,  Bhutan will be allowing a certain number of tourists under well inspected covid 19 protocols. Druk Heritage is delighted to invite you for a wonderful trip to Bhutan and will undoubtedly make your stay here in Bhutan a cherishable one. Only Drukair and Bhutan Airlines are allowed to land in Bhutan’s only international airport at Paro valley. 

Druk Heritage Tours is initiating a well-scheduled trip for visitors to Bhutan in the midst of the novel corona-virus. You have to make sure that you produce a covid 19 negative certificate. This test must be carried out by RT-PCR from a certified laboratory not earlier than 72 hours (3 days prior to leaving your country). Upon arrival at Paro valley, Bhutan –  guests will go through another round of RT-PCR test and you will have to spend 24 hours only at your hotel in Bhutan before starting your trip. During your trip, you will be taken care of by your well-being directors/guide every day to ensure you have a memorable experience.

 You may have to take another covid 19 test if required during your trip.

Everything during your trip to Bhutan will be handled and managed by Druk Heritage.

Travel is all about great service.Providing safe travel all the way.

Our connections and expertise can become your conduit to a smoother and more stimulating trip. 

The perks of flying to Bhutan.

Flying above the highest peaks of the world

Flying to Bhutan and landing on Paro valley may be considered as one of the extreme and scariest things on earth but the highly experienced and professional pilots make it airworthy. There are a few perks of Flying to Bhutan that you won’t experience elsewhere. The clean air, the dramatic Himalayan range, a touching distance of the mountains, and landing in the golden valley of Paro makes it a heavenly experience. Bhutan is a seasoned country and as per Bhutan’s festive season, the best time to visit the country is from March-May and September-November. 


It may seem that Gross National Happiness(GNH) is a theoretical approach that can’t be implied on the ground but it has successfully brought the fourth king’s idea to life. GNH has balanced the state’s economy and the people’s well being It is now mandatory for any new national policy to pass a GNH screening review. 

The tranquil mountains, the fresh meandering rivers, the majestic fortresses and monasteries, and the humble King and his respectful citizens are what make the country a utopia.

If Bhutan is one of your wishlists to travel in 2021, Druk Heritage tours welcome you to Bhutan any time of the year.

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