How to plan a stress-free vacation

Traveling is good for your soul

Most of us experience stress due to a variety of circumstances, and times like these make you wish you could take a relaxing vacation to rejuvenate yourself. However, planning a vacation can be stressful and can make you feel as if you are in a stressful situation after another.

It cannot be easy unless you are one of those lucky people who can plan everything without stressing. From making a bucket list to booking the right hotel in the right location at the right price, you may even reconsider going at all.

With the right advice, you can avoid this nightmare and make your vacation one of the most memorable of your life.

The following are 11 sanity-saving tips for planning a stress-free vacation.

1.Plan ahead of time

Plan ahead and do your research 

This might seem straightforward to the point of absurdity, but one of the primary reasons vacation planning is stressful is a failure to research and plan ahead of time. After you see how effective this tip is, you might even enjoy planning.

Transportation, hotel, food, cab prices, and visa are the top priorities. Always make a plan for where you will sleep, eat, and avoid being ripped off before moving on to the next thing to do. This will most likely get you excited about planning the trip.

Leave some days open if your museum tour is canceled, and you can fit the tour in on one of those days. Rather than planning all of the tourist attractions and must-see lists, be spontaneous and explore the local areas. Learn how the locals live their lives and appreciate the simple pleasures that life has to offer.

2.Prepare your bucket list 

Get your bucket list ready as early as possible 

It is important to be considerate of others when traveling unless you are traveling alone. You’ll make things awkward faster than you’d like if you only want to do things on your bucket list and not on anyone else’s.

3.Choose your travel companions carefully

People who travel together, grow together

Choose your travel companions wisely because the person you enjoy deep conversations with at 3 a.m. may not be the person you want to enjoy nightlife with on vacation. 

If you do not want to travel alone, traveling in a group is the safest way to enjoy your vacation. Traveling in a group is the perfect way to enjoy your trip since there are so many different things to do.

4.Prepare your house

Clean your house to return to a clean house 

If you have pets or have subscribed to deliveries, take care of them or find someone to house-sit for you. If you have groceries that will go bad by the time you return, give them away. You don’t want to come home from a wonderful vacation only to begin cleaning your house as soon as you get home.

5.Organize your cash and credit cards

Have local currency at hand for convenience 

It is preferable to have local currency on hand rather than carrying your ATM card with you for withdrawals. This will assist you in avoiding withdrawal fees. Also, never keep all of your cash in one place because if your wallet is stolen, so is your entire trip expenditure.

Keep your cash in a variety of secure locations. If you carry a handbag, keep it in front of you at all times because thieves in high-crime areas can easily cut your bag straps and be gone by the time you realize you’ve lost your bag.

6.Keep important contact information on hand

Carry a travel-size book with local emergency numbers

This is a tip for people who are going on a trip abroad. Send yourself an email with a list of toll-free international phone numbers in case you need to cancel the card from abroad. Ensure that contact information for local emergency services, flight providers, and the embassy is included.

7.Pack your bags a week in advance

Pack smart and light

This may appear to be an odd tip, but trust me when I say that people have been doing it for years, and it always works. Packing your bags a week ahead of time ensures that you don’t forget anything and gives you time to take out items that you packed on the spur of the moment.

Make a list of everything you’re going to pack and check it off as you go.

8.Don’t try to fit your entire life into a suitcase

Pack what you need, not what you think you might need

The size of someone’s luggage can reveal whether or not they have mastered the art of travel. Professional travelers always pack light and wisely, whereas first-time travelers pack half their lives in their suitcases.

You can buy whatever you need during your vacation, so stay strong and make a list of the absolute necessities and take out things you won’t need during your trip. It is always preferable to under-pack and move around more easily than to drag bulky luggage.

9.Realistic budget

Be realistic with your budget

Before you book your vacation, make sure to budget for travel, lodging, meals, tourist activities, and other expected costs to ensure that your vacation stays within your budget. Making and sticking to a reasonable budget will not cause you to panic every time you reach for your wallet.

10.Be wary of tourist hotspots

Plan your tours when it is not crowded so that you can enjoy the scenery.

Overtourism is a serious issue, with crowds of people obstructing your view. Choose local attractions that are not overrun with tourists. This way, you can get a glimpse of the locals’ daily lives and enjoy wonderful views.

11.Go on a no-contact period at work

Live in the moment 

When you are getting multiple emails from work, it won’t be easy to relax and enjoy your vacation. Set a message from your work email and leave a phone number where people can reach you if their message requires immediate attention. The last thing you want is to ruin your vacation with work emails.

Bhutan, a country that has more monks than soldiers.

You can make your life easier and less stressful by planning your vacation in advance, and part of the charm of the vacation is the planning process. Wherever you decide to go on vacation, remember to keep a relaxed attitude and learn to roll with the punches.

The best vacation memories are those that are unplanned, such as an impromptu tour, a delicious local delicacy, and the people you meet. If you want to travel to The Land of Happiness, then all you need to do now is book your trip with Druk Heritage, and they will take care of the rest. A stress-free adventure awaits you!

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