How To Travel Well On A Budget

Ways to travel well on a budget 

Traveling and exploring places doesn’t always have to cost a fortune, nor do you have to be rich. There are many ways to travel well and expose yourself to different cultures; you have to be creative. Here are 15 ways to travel well on a budget. 

  1. Come Up With A Plan 

Start with a travel plan 

Traveling spontaneously is great, but only if you have the luxury of time and funds to spare. When you are traveling, it is important to come up with a plan. It doesn’t have to be an hour-by-hour itinerary but instead about where you want to go, how long you will spend in the particular city, and what you will be doing during your stay there. Select a date and airline. Plan your accommodation. 

Tip: It is cheaper to catch flights with multiple stops instead of a direct flight. 

  1. Come Up With A Budget And Stick To It

Come up with a travel budget and stick to it

There are relatively few destinations in the world that cannot be visited on a shoestring budget. Every destination has free activities; all you have to do is control your expectations about how many pricey activities you can do or how often you can eat out at restaurants, for example. Once you’ve set your budget, don’t go overboard; it’ll simply add to your tension later on in your trip or when you return home.

  1. Travel During “Off” Season 

Travel during “off” seasons and save money 

Avoid traveling during holidays and peak tourist seasons. Everything from fooding to lodging is expensive during the holiday season because that’s when the travel industry raises costs to take advantage of families who can only travel during those weeks. Find out the perfect time to visit your desired location and then travel just before or after those days. During the off-seasons, hotels, and airlines lower their prices to attract customers. 

  1. Get Travel Insurance 

Be covered with travel insurance 

Travel insurance is essential when you are traveling on a budget. It is an extra expense, but it will help you if the trip is canceled or you fall sick while you are away. 

  1. Be Accommodation Savvy 

Be smart about your accommodation 

Swap your pricey hotels for hostel accommodations. Sharing a room automatically divides costs, and communal bunk rooms provide an opportunity to meet individuals. Find affordable accommodation and bypass the traditional method of traveling and choose local homestays. Airbnb is an excellent option, as it allows you to rent a spare room in a local person’s home or apartment. It cuts the cost by half and offers an authentic experience about the city, and you get to experience rich customs and cultures that you won’t find anywhere in those fancy hotels. Consider your host as your tour guide, full of insider information on the area’s greatest dining spots and tourist attractions. 

Tip: If you have friends or family living in a specific country or city, reach out to them. You might end up with free accommodation, and you will be able to explore places you wouldn’t have known about!

  1. Explore With Public Transportation Services 

Choose public transportation and get the wholesome experience 

Take full advantage of public transportation services in the country you are visiting. Many countries have trains and buses that travel to tourist hotspots at a very low price. Rent a bicycle and explore the place from a different perspective while being flexible. 

  1. Get Tourist Cards 

Get tourist discount cards 

Get tourist cards for the cities you intend to visit if you will be doing a lot of sightseeing. These cards offer major discounts on tourist spots and museums. There are different ways to save money on tourist attractions. Contact the city’s tourism office and find out ways to get the best out of your trip while saving as much as possible. 

  1. Use Your Student Card To Get Discounts 

If you are a student, you get plenty of discounts, especially on plane tickets and transportation tickets. The card can be used for almost every purchase, although it will depend on the city or the country. 

  1. Pack Properly 

Pack well and optimize the suitcase 

Pack everything you will need on your trip, so you don’t have to spend money purchasing basic needs—pack depending on the city weather. Take a pair of jeans, warm hoodies, a wind or waterproof jacket. Make a list of things that you need and pack those items. Don’t leave out the necessities because it can cost more. 

  1. Travel Overnight 

Choose overnight flights 

If you have a long journey as part of your trip, traveling overnight is one option to save money. You need to pay to get from one place to another regardless of the time of day, but traveling overnight saves you the cost of lodging for that night. 

  1. Backpack Your Way Through Cities 


Backpacking is an affordable way to travel. You can get the best experiences while staying on budget. If you aren’t sure, look online for the best backpacking countries and cities and map out where you want to go.

  1. Get A Local SIM 

Get a local sim and save money on roaming 

Data roaming is really expensive, so get a local SIM to call and check for emails. Data from the local SIM can be used to navigate your way through the city. 

  1. Take Cash And Don’t Use ATM Machines 

Take cash and avoid ATM machine charges 

ATM machines charge a lot of money, especially on international cards. Take a reasonable amount of cash that you will need. Take your country’s currency and get them exchanged at the bank. 

  1. Explore By Foot 

Explore the city by foot 

Walking to different places is the best way to explore different places and won’t put a strain on your funds. As mentioned earlier, rent a bicycle if the destination is a bit far from your lodge. 

  1. Work As You Travel 

Many countries have a travel scheme where you can make money and interact with locals. Check if your destination has such a policy and make extra bucks and get to know about the destination from a whole new perspective. 

These are 15 ways to travel well on a budget. Experience different cultures and customs and learn new things with the tips mentioned above. 

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