Druk Air – Flight to Bhutan

Drukair – the best flight to Bhutan

Find your happiness in the cradle of a magical kingdom located in the Himalayas with fascinating scenery. Fly to Bhutan to experience the beautiful structures, religion, and history leaving your current place. Buckle up to make your trip to Bhutan to visit the flourishing Buddhist country. 

 The steep mountains are like a skyscraper that stands firmly, but you don’t have to climb over them. Fly with Drukair- Royal Bhutan Airlines to make your trip successful. 

Cities connecting Bhutan

Drukair is connected with 9 different cities

Drukair is the national carrier of the Royal Government of Bhutan, and we’ll lift you over the fascinating mountains in one of the best flights from Airbus A319, ATR42-500. Bhutan is connected with nine different international cities such as Bangkok, Guwahati, Kolkata, Bagdogra, Dhaka, Katmandu, Delhi, Singapore, and Gaya. Also, three national regions within the country – Bumthang, Yongphula, and Gelephu are connected with the Paro International Airport. 

Drukair is also planning to expand our hubs to accommodate many tourists who want to visit Bhutan. You can book a flight to Bhutan from India that is easy and convenient if you have to transit from India. 

Travel Tips when flying with Druk Air

The rugged terrain and geographical location of the country and the flights from Paro international airport depend upon the severe weather condition. If the changes are to be made – to Bhutan or out of the country, scheduling time is changed without any interference.  To stay updated with the timing, you can console or check out with Drukair offices or contact any agents. When it comes to reasons such as to cancel, reschedule, overfly or delay the flight, Drukair reserves the rights. 

How to book your Drukair flight?

Book your flight ticket with us for a smoother trip.

You can choose the point of entry by dropping an email at your convenience. We will be on standby to make sure you get the best offer with cost bearable. We also provide seasonal offers of up to 25% for visitors from any part of the world. You can book your flight ticket before 30 days and will keep it reserved. Payment can be made through bank transactions or credit cards, making it seamless and convenient for you. 

How far in advance should you book a Drukair ticket?

check-in Drukair website to book your ticket in advance

Getting a ticket to visit Bhutan can be challenging because many people have a bucket list – visiting Bhutan. So to get yourself one, Drukair recommends you book your ticket as soon as possible if you are planning to visit. We hold the booked tickets for up to 30 days or more if you plan to travel later according to your itinerary. 

Suppose you are late in booking your ticket. In that case, Drukair has an additional way to avail of the ticket of A319, and the traveling dates are strategic like a long weekend, holidays, school holidays, and festive celebration in Bhutan. This is one of the peak seasons to plan your visit, and it is best to plan your trip half-year before. Suppose you are a travel freak and can manage your travel during the weekends, booking earlier the best before 1 to 2 months. If you are a weekend traveler, we also make your booking within 1 or 2 weeks, depending on flexibility and time. 

The impeccable flying safety record

With zero flight fatality Drukair have a safe record for 3 decades

When flying, safety is a top priority, meaning when flying, if any problem arises, keeping the passengers safe is the top concern. To this date, Drukair has zero incidents on flaying record over three decades. Drukair has highly skilled pilots and cabin crew who are trained on who to land at the Paro international airport manually using a visual approach. 


Drukair – Royal Bhutan Airlines is the national flight carrier of Bhutan’s kingdom that operates in 9 different cities. Drukair’s existence since 2006, it has three Airbus A319 and one ATR 42-500 that operates in different cities, connecting Bhutan from Bangkok, New Delhi, Kolkata, Katmandu, Dhaka, and new flights to and from Bagdogra and Gaya since 2009. In the year 2012, Drukair added its flight route to Singapore and Mumbai 2014. 

Make your plan and know what time is best to book your flight to Bhutan with Drukair. We have the best offer and have excellent customer service to provide satisfactory solutions to your questions.  Fly with Drukair and make your dream come true. Come and be the guest in the kingdom of Bhutan flying with Drukair to have unforgettable memories that you’ll never forget. 

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