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Bhutan Airlines flight to Bhutan.

Bhutan, warmly referred to as the Land of Thunder Dragon, is located in South Asia’s eastern Himalayas. The beautiful scenic landscapes, steep mountains, vast valleys, majestic monasteries, and fortresses bring more charm to this beautiful land. Take a flight to Bhutan and make your dream come true of visiting this small and enchanting country on your holiday. Keep reading and find out the reasons why you should fly to Bhutan with Bhutan Airlines.  

Bhutan Airlines


Take a flight to Bhutan with Bhutan Airlines.

Bhutan Airlines (Tashi Air Pvt. Ltd), the first private airline, started with its commercial flights to Bhutan from India and Thailand. The increasing number of people flying in and out of Bhutan with additional demand for comfortable services led to Bhutan Airlines’ birth. 

Fly to Bhutan with Bhutan Airlines because we provide safe and reliable airlines to our customers. You will promptly feel that onboarding Bhutan Airline will give you the sensation of being at home while still in the sky. Bhutan Airlines also operates chartered flights to Bhutan. The charter rates start from 9,200 USD to 93 150 USD.  

Bhutan Airlines Destinations

As of today, Bhutan Airlines land at four stunning destinations. These fantastic cities are popular, and they are the most visited places in the world by the people. Here are the information’s about the latest Bhutan Airlines destinations;

  1. Delhi, India

Make your dream come true with Bhutan Airlines to visit the heart of India, New Delhi.

The first destination of Bhutan Airlines is Delhi, the capital city of India. Bhutan Airlines fly directly to Indira Gandhi International Airport. A mixture of traditional cultures in the modern era makes Delhi the heart of India. You can also take a flight to Bhutan from India and enjoy your days in Bhutan. 

  1. Calcutta, India

Explore into the busy streets of Calcutta.

Another destination of Bhutan Airlines is Calcutta, known as the second-largest city in India. Calcutta has the best Bengali cuisine and desserts. If you are flying to Calcutta through Bhutan Airlines, you will land at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose international airport. Dive into the city of delicious foods.

  1. Bangkok, Thailand

Fly to Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand. 

Bangkok, known as the capital city of Thailand, is the most visited city by people worldwide. The name of the airport where the Bhutan Airlines land is Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. Fly to Bangkok with Bhutan Airlines and explore one of the most developed cities in the world. 

  1. Kathmandu, Nepal

Visit Kathmandu and feel like a home.

The City of Nepal, Kathmandu, is filled with beautiful religious Buddhist and Hindu temples. Fly to Tribhuvan International Airport and enter Nepal, home to the world’s highest mount (Mount Everest) and explore Nepal. 

Trained Staffs


Experience the best services and safety from the well trained staff of Bhutan Airlines.

Bhutan Airlines operates with two A319 aircraft with a seating capacity of 126 passengers that includes 12 Business Class seats and 114 Economy seats. We do know that what matters most to our passengers is efficient customer service and safety, be it onboard or at our customer service desk, and that is what Bhutan Airlines provide. We have prepared staff as stewards and entertainers who can help amid hardship. From straightforward emergency treatment to protection in the hour of significant circumstances, they frequently make a special effort to help individuals out of luck. This makes the plane a safer place for you.

Online Booking Services

You can enjoy the online booking services from Bhutan Airlines.

Bhutan Airlines brings you online booking services to make it easy for you. Visit and click on the “Book Online” option of this site. Then follow the following process or you can simply let us handle the ticketing for you too.

  1. Search: Find a suitable flight along with the date and time. 
  2. Select: There will be a display of fares. Make sure you choose a suitable fare for yourself. 
  3. Passengers and Payments: Inserting details of passengers and payment details on a secured site
  4. Confirmation – Getting confirmation of the booking details. 

Bhutan Airlines promised to give protected and dependable travel for our clients, and make them enjoy throughout their journey. We prioritize our customers and you can trust us as Bhutan Airlines shows you beautiful views and sights of Bhutan from the air. Fly with Bhutan Airlines into the land of happiness. 

Take a flight to Bhutan and make your dream come true of visiting this small country. Click the link to find out Druk Air-Fight to Bhutan


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