Top travel trends for the year 2021

Insights on  the top travel trends for the year 2021

Are you surfing the web for the best 2021 travel adventures after border restrictions? It is important to note that the Post- Covid tours will be exclusively different from the past tours with the new but reliable tourism policies. Travel experts expect significant changes in traveling experiences, safety protocols, and revitalizing destinations. Following are the top travel trends for the year 2021.

  1. Wellness Vacations

Paro Taktsangthe iconic landmark of Bhutan.

As the pandemic heals, people will be focusing on health and wellness. Gradually the enthusiastic travelers will be looking for a relaxing destination. Most people would plan to visit peaceful countries with pristine, virgin, and undisturbed natural environments. It is probably due to the mental stress and health deterioration due to the havoc caused by the pandemic around the globe.

Tip* Bhutan being the only carbon hostile country, it is one of the safe travel destinations for retreats and self-healing meditations.

1.1 Bhutan wellness vacation

Isn’t it excellent that you can start and end your wellness trip to Bhutan in Paro? Druk Heritage tour offers you Health, Spa, and wellness tour to Bhutan. It includes wellness retreats, meditation, and yoga. The ten-day tour package takes you through Paro, Bhutan, and five other unique destinations in Bhutan. Bhutan Wellness Vacations includes accommodation in a luxurious hotel, an expert guide, meals, transport, and many more services as per your desire.


  1. Day 1- Arrive Paro, Bhutan- Drive to Thimphu
  2. Day 2- Thimphu- Punakha
  3. Day 3: Punakha- Gangtey
  4. Day 4: Gangtey- Phobjikha Valley.
  5. Day 5: Gangtey – Meditation & Yoga with monks
  6. Day 6: Gangtey – Meditation- Sightseeing and Hike.
  7. Day 7: Gangtey – Talk on Traditional Bhutanese medicine.
  8. Day 8- Gangtey- Paro
  9. Day 9: Paro – Hike to Tiger Nest Monastery.
  10. Day 10- Departure from Paro
  1. Remote Working

Tourists may prefer to work remotely during post-covid travel.

Tour packages with remotely working office facilities will be on-trend in 2021. Covid-19 was a blessing in disguise to advocate the importance of digital technologies. Business adapts to virtual meetings while the schools focus on online education. Tourists may prefer to work remotely during post-covid travel.

The next few more months seem uncertain for regular travel as the world awaits for healing vaccine. Health researchers and government officials are working hard to prevent the spread second wave. There is no doubt that humanity will triumph over the pandemic. Remote working will be on-trend while traveling in the new norms.

  1. Traveling with a purpose

Travel with a purpose

Travelers will look for purposeful tour packages with fantastic travel destinations. For example, the bird watchers may prefer to travel to a heavenly place like Bhutan with rich biodiversity. While Traveling with Purpose, we interface voyagers with important travel openings, travel counsel, and thoughts for their next experience. Go along with me as I find exciting travel objections, deep-rooted learning undertakings, and approaches to serve others and help the planet while you travel.

Do you need a break? Start your leisure holiday with refreshed feelings. The Internet may mislead you and confuse you with all the choices. So choose the right tour agent to make your trip a wonderful one. The Purpose of Life is to Grow and Evolve and leave the World. Druk heritage tour consolidates these phillosophies through top-notch Purposeful Travel, where you can unwind the purpose of life by meeting new intriguing individuals, hiding in a ‘mystery’ area, discovering your self, or becoming a superior individual while traveling to Bhutan. (sacred and peaceful destination). Bhutan is the perfect green destination as it affects the planet with negligible exertion.

  1. Younger travelers

The pandemic became the greatest threat to older people and minor kids.

The pandemic became the greatest threat to older people and minor kids. As per the research data, the average traveler will be young adolescence around the age of thirty-eight. As per the research demographics of travelers generation, possibly consumer travel trends like popular destinations, experiences on offer, accommodations, and amenities will follow suit.

Encountering regular day-to-day existence by doing things like eating local food and mingling with hostile natives will be the schedule of young travelers. (twenty to thirty-year-olds) This travel trend may be unwinding while traveling in and out of a particular country. 

Those are probably the most recent patterns uncovered in another report by the World Youth Student and Educational (WYSE) Travel Confederation, a worldwide not-revenue driven enrollment association situated in Amsterdam. 

“Youthful voyagers of the millennial age address 20% of worldwide explorers,” David Chapman, chief general for the gathering, said at the World Travel Market (WTM) in London recently during the after-effects of the Millennial Traveler report.

“By 2020, 320 million worldwide outings are relied upon to be made by youth explorers every year. It’s a stunning 47% expansion from 217 million out of 2013,” added Chapman, who introduced features from the report during the WTM’s first youth travel program.

Taking note of the changes that the worldwide pattern presents and considering the new examination an understanding into “this quickly developing and progressively compelling business sector.”  Twenty to thirty-year-olds, otherwise called Generation Y, are regularly characterized as youthful grown-ups brought into the world after the mid-1980s.  

The report depended on examining an overview finished recently by more than 7,600 young explorers matured 18 to 30 from more than 100 nations.

Warp Up

Are you surfing the web for the best 2021 travel undertakings after the border  limitations? Note that the Post-Covid visits will be solely unique with the new, however concrete strategies. Travel specialists anticipate significant changes in voyaging encounters, security conventions, and reviving objections. Above are the top travel trends for the year 2021. Consider visiting Bhutan in 2021. I guarantee you won’t regret your travel destination.

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