How To Travel Well On A Budget

Bhutan is the first country in the world with specific constitutional obligations on its people to protect the environment.

Bhutan’s unique culture, dramatic landscape and endeavouring leadership of the kings has respected nature and its creation. It is because of this, Bhutan is one of the ideal destinations for many travellers. Vacation in Bhutan is full of thrills and memories, but it all boils down to how well you organize your trip and handle your finances.

You will, without a doubt, be happier if you travel at a modest cost. Though traveling to Bhutan is costly, here are some helpful tips for your trip to Bhutan.

  1. Planning 

Bhutan is one of the few countries in the world where you’ll still feel like stepping into a completely foreign, non-westernized, environment.

Planning is very essential before you start your journey. Make sure you set your itinerary based on the amount of money you want to spend while you are on a trip to Bhutan.

You must also plan where you want to travel, your fooding & lodging, how many days you want to spend, how you would spend your money buying some of Bhutanese souvenirs and attaining some Bhutan holiday too. Once you have allocated your budget on all of these purposes make sure you remain disciplined with it.

  1. Travel during off Season 

Awaken to the world of Bhutan

This is an exclusive offer for those who prefer travelling to Bhutan at a low cost. The minimum tariff rate to travel in Bhutan varies with the season. Travellers will be charged $250 during the peak season and $200 in the lean season. 

Peak season ranges from December to January that is usually during the winter season and lean season from June to August. If you travel during lean season you will also get a discount on airline and hotel services. 

  1. Travel with a Group.

Discover the secret kingdoms and mysterious legends of the land of the Thunder Dragon.

If you want to save money on vacation while also getting a good experience – travel in  groups. Because the government imposes an additional FIT (Free Individual Traveller) fee, traveling in a group is less expensive than traveling alone. The cost of the extra varies depending on how many persons you want to travel with. Each solitary traveller will be charged $40 per night, and each individual in a group of two will be charged $30 per night. The cost is waived for groups of three or more people.

The government has provided a discount to anyone planning a trip to Bhutan with a large group of friends and family. One person is exempt from paying 50 percent of their minimum daily package tariff in a group of eleven to fifteen individuals, and one person is exempt from paying the whole amount in a group of sixteen or more people.

  1. Avoid luxury tour Packages. 

There is something magical about Bhutan, the simple yet mesmerizing land somehow manages to touch your soul, balm it with peace, and even mend the broken heart

Your minimum daily package includes all tourist-standard services like transportation, tour guide, three meals per day, three-star accommodation, admission fee, visa, and some camping kit if you wish to go hiking or trekking.

Bhutan has many things to offer for you including some dramatic places, monasteries, culture and some significant Bhutan holidays. Reservation of luxury tour packages such as private tours, affluent hotels add on higher cost for your trip to Bhutan.

  1. Walk and board Public Transportation. 

Embrace yourself with the realm of nature

It’s exciting and pleasant to try something new. Walking and taking public transportation to discover Bhutan’s stunning sights and people is the greatest option; it not only saves money but also gives you a close glimpse of Bhutan’s lush valleys, mountains, roads, buildings, and people. You can travel to some interesting spots in Thimphu and Paro by walking or renting a bicycle.

  1. Travel from Border Town. 

Travel to Bhutan and experience the holiday of a lifetime.

Tourists can save a lot of money by traveling from the border or from India. Tourists departing from Phuentsholing are not required to pay the SDF (Sustainable Development Fee). Ticket prices offered by various other airline services in India will also benefit tourists.

  1. Use Student card

You deserved to be travell

If you are a student, don’t forget to bring your student card. You will get discounts on air tickets, transportation and many other purchases that you would make while you are in Bhutan. 

Bhutan, Happiness is a place

Traveling to Bhutan is more expensive than many other Himalayan countries, but it is a beautiful destination to visit and worth visiting because of these sustainable growth policies founded in the developmental philosophy of Gross National Happiness. If you want to travel well and get the most out of your trip, you should use some of the methods and alternatives described above.

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