How to survive air travel with an infant

Flying with a baby or toddler is easier when you follow these tips

It’s difficult to fly with toddlers  especially if you’re flying to Bhutan through the mighty Himalaya. Babies are fully mobile, completely opinionated and incapable of any reason and logic. Dealing with an infant can be controversial. All children, in fact, are controversial. The safest place for your children for your vacation in Bhutan is in their own seats in child restraint systems

But why should we stop there? Fly with your toddler in your lap if you’re really up for a family travel challenge. Before deciding whether or not to fly with your toddler, consider your child’s personality as well as the length of the flight.

Here are my greatest suggestions for traveling with a lap toddler. While these suggestions are geared toward travelling with a toddler in your lap, the majority of them apply to flying with a toddler in his or her own seat as well.

Tips for Lap Toddler Success

1. Select the appropriate flight and time.

don’t book a flight that will set you up for failure before you ever get on the plane.

Is your child extra cranky during the pre-dinner witching hour? Then don’t choose a 5 pm flight.  Is a full night’s sleep required for your child to get through the day? Then the flight at 6 a.m. is not for you. Would being stranded overnight due to a missed connection be extremely difficult? Booking the final flight of the night to your destination is not a good idea.

In other words, don’t book a flight that will set you up for failure before you ever get on the plane. Mid-morning flights, in my opinion, are about right for most youngsters. 

They allow you enough time to get to the airport and wake up at a normal hour, but they are still well before naptime meltdowns begin.Of course, you won’t be able to time things perfectly if you’re travelling larger distances, such as cross-country or international flights. When you do have options, though, set yourself up for success, even if it means paying a little extra

2. Maximize your chances of getting an extra seat.

If there is an unoccupied seat next to you, you just scored a seat for your child without having to pay for it

It doesn’t imply you won’t be able to find a seat for your kid if you don’t buy one. If a flight has empty seats, many airlines will try to make them accessible to families traveling with lap children.

If you want to increase your chances of getting a free seat, book yourself and your partner or other child into an aisle and window seat near the back of the plane (leaving an empty middle seat). Those are frequently the final seats to be occupied, and they may all be empty.

3. Electronics are a must.

Toddlers who spend more time using tablets and smartphones are more easily distracted than
those with lower levels of usage

Allowing certain videos or apps in-flight to get through a difficult period on a single airplane ride will not harm your toddler’s development. In times of exhaustion or boredom, a little screen time can be a lifesaver for any toddler.

Few airlines provide seatback entertainment on flights these days, so bring your own screen.

4. Bring non-electronic entertainment to keep little fingers busy.

Toys are an effective way to occupy a toddler on an aeroplane

Although technology can be great diversions, kids’ attention spans are extremely short. For the under two set, you’ll be lucky to get 5-15 minutes of sustained attention from a TV show or movie, so a phone or tablet can’t be the only source of entertainment.

Make sure to bring along other non-electric equipment such as toys and games to keep them occupied.

5. Bring a wide variety of snacks.

Bring healthy snacks for toddlers on a plane to make your vacation to Bhutan a breeze

Food is also a source of fun for toddlers. To avoid meltdowns, carry a range of non-messy, toddler-friendly foods and introduce new items at strategic times. If the dish takes a long time to eat, it’s a double benefit.

6. Walk the aisle. But not too much.

Walking down the aisle : an effective parenting tool

Keeping an energetic toddler in your lap during an extended trip is a difficult task. If you’re not a parent traveling alone, passing them back and forth between two adults can assist, but only so much. Toddlers crave and require movement.

If your flight is longer than an hour, spend some time on the aisle to get some exercise. Allowing them to take a few laps can help them burn off some energy. Just make sure you time your walks around beverage and food service to avoid getting in the way of flight attendants.

Besides all these, there are other helpful tips for you:

1. Save money on flying with a baby or toddler.

2. Rent baby equipment for travel.

3. Bring double the baby necessities.

4. Protect ears when flying with a baby or toddler.

5. Don’t forget the baby’s medication.

6. Visit the airport restroom before your flight.

Why fly with toddlers and babies?

Flying allows convenient access to a wide range of destinations and should not be avoided simply because it may have some ups and downs. So book your flight and prepare to explore the world with your infant or toddler 

Add Bhutan as one of your travel destinations if you would like to get away from the crowds, enjoy the fresh air, spend outdoors in the pristine environment and much more. 

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