Trans Bhutan Trail Marked in Yellow from West to East Bhutan.

1. Reviving The Trans Bhutan Trail.

Records from the early 16th century show a historical trail that ran through Bhutan connecting regional fortresses (Dzongs) and became symbolically significant as part of Bhutan’s formation as a nation.

The trail fell out of usage with the national highway construction after Bhutan began a planned development strategy in the 1960s. Through the Trans Bhutan Trail (TBT) initiative, the Bhutan Canada Foundation (BCF), in collaboration with the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and other local partners, is working to rebuild and reconnect this historic trail.

From Haa in the west to Trashigang in the east, the TBT project will revitalize 430 kilometers of route. This project will provide educational opportunities to the youths, stimulate the local economic growth, promote healthy lifestyles, and reconnect Bhutanese to a historically symbolic heritage site.

                        The Longest Incredible Hiking Trail in Bhutan – Trans Bhutan Trail.

2. Opening the Trans Bhutan Trail.

In late 2019, BCF and its partners began preliminary development on the Trans Bhutan Trail. The first part of the project was completed by the end of 2020, with the physical trail repaired.

The trial’s restoration in 2020 also aided in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. With international borders blocked and Bhutan’s tourism economy imploding, the TBT initiative collaborated with the Royal Government of Bhutan to find work for over 700 people who had lost their jobs because of the pandemic. 

These individuals not only get employment opportunities because of their work on the trail, but they also sped the route’s repair and strengthened TBT’s relationships to the communities along its length.

                                   Trans Bhutan Trail Opened for Adventurers 2022.

3. Trans Bhutan Trail Moves Forward.

Work on the TBT project will continue until 2021. As we emerge from the pandemic, a passport scheme and a website are being established, along with initiatives to advertise the route to local and foreign tourists. Working on a local economic development strategy, instructional materials, and a long-term sustainability plan is ongoing.

             Get Ready for the Upcoming Record-Breaking Longest Trekking Trail in Bhutan.

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