The best reason to visit Bhutan – Paro Festival

Paro, Bhutan. 

Have you ever heard of Bhutan- the Land of Thunder Dragon, also known as the land of happiness? Want to experience how it feels and why do people visit Bhutan? Come out of your comfort zone and take a trip to Bhutan and make your 2021 the most memorable and better year to start. 

Bhutan is a peaceful kingdom with a small population of 6,000,000. The vast, beautiful mountains, the evergreen forest, and lush paddy fields will bless your eyes with never-ending views. The roads in Bhutan are quite winding, but it gives you immense pleasure to take a joyful ride as you pass each turn. So sit back, fasten your seat belt and get ready to see the unseen places that will take you to the wonders of the world in this small tiny land.  

Bhutan is famous for its culture, traditions, architecture, and language. As you enter the land, you will get to see houses and buildings with unique designs with no less than 4 to 5 stored. It is colorful yet traditional, and you will see it in all the homes. The dress commonly known as Kira worn by women and Gho by men is eye-catching to most tourists. There are certain places where you can buy or fetch dresses to wear and feel Bhutanese once in your lifetime. 

The best reason to visit Bhutan is endless that will make you more excited and want to travel right away. 

 Some of the very few reasons are listed below for your preferences:

  1. The grand miraculous Bhutan festival

Witness annual tshechu In Thimphu, Bhutan 

The festivals in Bhutan are celebrated widely. It is that year of the time when people, families, and friends gather and take part. It is called the annual Tshechu. It is a three-day festival where various artists come and entertain you. It is lively and very much adds blessings to the Bhutanese. They perform mask dances depicting religious values and beliefs. The high ordained priest like lamas also gives you blessings on that very day. And it is something very important where people won’t miss it. It also manifests that as you watch their performances, it will cleanse your sins and purify your soul.  If you happen to visit on these particular days of the year, don’t forget to receive blessings, watch mask dance, and be blessed.

  1. The welcoming nature of Bhutanese people. 

The elderly foreign couple in Bhutanese national attire. 

Bhutan’s people have great hospitality overall. They have a welcoming nature to both the outsider as well as to their kind. You won’t be able to stop smiling seeing their delighted and happy face. Each pass you cross or turn, you will be amazed to find people smiling at you brightly.  So, it will not make your stay a sad or dull day. You will feel that vibe of home away from home. You will be loved, greeted, and respected. Embrace yourself to these kind-hearted people as you visit Bhutan.

  1. A country where you can breathe fresh and clean air

Green Bhutan- The carbon negative country. 

Travel Bhutan and breathe clean and fresh air in the world, and refresh your lungs. The country is covered with 70% of its total forest area and is preserved. That means you can see trees, greenery, and plants everywhere once you step here. Did you know it is also the only Carbon Negative country in the world? That’s why it is a must to travel to Bhutan without wasting your time. See to yourself the unseen places of Bhutan and its nature. 

If you are in Bhutan and think of the next destination to step your feet on, then Paro is the answer. 

The famous airport in Bhutan- Paro. 

Paro has a lot on its plate to offer you during the visit.  The majestic view of the valley and green lush paddy field will blow your mind. 

The only airport is situated in the perfect place, gazing at the attention of people all to itself. It is also one of the tourist attraction places that you must visit. 

The enormous huge building called Rinpung Dzong is another feature to make Paro a fantastic place. The night view of the Dzong is flawless, where it illuminates 100s of lights, making it dazzle with beauty. 

Take a look and take part in Paro Tshechu. 

Thousands gathering the witness Paro festival( yearly Tshechu)

Bhutanese widely celebrate the festival in Paro. It is the most popular religious dance festival in Bhutan. It is held for 5 days in April. They perform mask dances that are related to Bhutanese religious beliefs. On the last day of the Tshechu, there will be a display of a gigantic thangkha (embroidered painting), the Guru Throngdrol. It is considered sacred and believes that it will cleanse your sins when you see it or gaze at it. 

His Majesty, receiving the blessing in Paro Tshechu. 

It is not just a religious festival but also a yearly social gathering where people celebrate in their best finery. You will see kids, family, and friends gathering and participating with pride and honor to the Tshechu. It is also a day where you can feel Bhutanese by wearing Gho or Kira( the national dress)  and receiving an early morning blessing from Thangka of Guru Rinpoche (embroidered painting). 

The popular mask dance that has been witnessed in the Paro Festival.

The Paro festival also offers the best opportunity to witness the Bhutanese rich and diverse history and culture. 

Enjoy delicious locally prepared food containing red rice, red chili datshi(red chili with cheese), and creamy butter tea to fill your tummy.  It is unique and happens only in Bhutan. 

So, take a trip to Bhutan and cleanse your sins by taking part in the Paro Tsechu(festival). Bless your eyes and soul with peace, greenery, and clean air. Book a flight and enjoy your tour to Bhutan. Make it happen and fulfill your bucket list this year and make it memorable. 

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