The future is bright and improving. There has never been a finer time for travelers who have always wanted to travel again.

1. Making knowledgeable choices.

We are beginning to witness a “different tourist,” someone who is more mindful of the potential consequences of their hotel, lunch venue, and other decisions. People appear to be making better-informed selections about where they stay, relying on the behaviors of a specific property (hotel or otherwise) rather than marketing claims. The modern tourist has done their homework and is actively seeking to ensure that their money makes a difference in the lives of many people. The days of “Save a towel, plant a tree” marketing promotions are long gone.

2. Plant-based foods to the diet.

People’s eating habits have also changed, according to what we’ve seen with more healthy choices and definitely less meat and more frequent vegan options.

Most people are not vegan, but they have reduced the amount of meat they eat on a daily basis as a result of their non-threatening education on the matter through

3. Lessen single-use plastic.

We are persuaded that today’s well-traveled traveler expects a (single-use) plastic-free environment, which is a frequent cause for guests choosing a hotel etc. 

Guests are looking for true and actual action with proven outcomes, not more promises.

4. A flexible path.

People want and are looking for more open-air locations where natural social separation isn’t a problem. Because Bhutan regulates the number of tourists visiting, and doesn’t have numerous people hoovering at sites and locations, you will often realize the benefits.

Individuality and a more personal approach to life and travel are demanded by future tourists, and this appears to be reflected in all aspects of travel in Bhutan, from hotels and cafés to restaurants and tour businesses.

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