What is Bhutan known for?

Bhutan, the land of the thunder dragon

Bhutan is a small landlocked country located in the Himalayan range. The country is known as the “Switzerland of Asia” for its pristine nature, tranquility, and dramatic landscape. Bhutan recently opened its door to the outside world and has become a popular travel destination for discerning travelers. Bhutan is known for its rich biodiversity, outdoor adventures, high-end luxury hotels, and most importantly Gross National Happiness(GNH).

What is Gross National Happiness(GNH)?

“Gyalyong gakyid pelzom” in official Bhutanese language

GNH in Dzongkha(the official language of Bhutan) is called Gyalyong Gakyid Pelzom. GNH is a sustainable approach that guides development in Bhutan and is framed by the fourth king of Bhutan. He formulated the concept of GNH to achieve the well being of people, along with socio-economic development. The four pillars of GNH are:

1- Good Governance

2- Sustainable socio-economic development

3- Preservation and promotion of culture and

4- Environmental conservation

These four pillars of GNH are further elaborated into 9 domains. These 9 domains form the basis of GNH as the screening tool for development. Unlike GDP, GNH focuses on the balance between material and non-material development. 

The pristine nature and rich biodiversity of Bhutan

Bhutan, a peaceful country in harmony with nature

Bhutan is known as the only carbon-negative country where 70% of the country’s land is covered in forest. People living in harmony with the pristine nature and the diverse flora and fauna accredits the nation as a peaceful country. 60% of the country’s land is now designated as protected areas and national parks. The peaceful country allows you to get closer to nature and experience its rejuvenating effect on your body and mind. 

Bhutan is the perfect destination if you wish to go on expeditions and get away from cities and towns. The lonely Planet has identified Bhutan as the best travel destination for 2020. 

Outdoor adventures in Bhutan

Outdoor adventures in Bhutan

Bhutan is an amazing country with tranquil and breath-taking vistas. From high snow-capped mountains to warm lower valleys, Bhutan’s landscape allows you to experience all types of outdoor adventures. Outdoor adventures in Bhutan include hiking, trekking, rafting, kayaking, off-road biking, and bird watching. 

You can experience all these outdoor adventures in Bhutan because of its dramatic landscape. If you are an outdoor enthusiast and looking for adrenaline-pumping adventures, Druk Heritage Tour – an outstanding and the best travel agent in Bhutan- offers safe and well-planned trips. Click to learn more about the outdoor adventures in Bhutan

Luxury hotels for you in Bhutan

High-end luxury hotels in Bhutan

Bhutan offers exclusive hotels and services to guests from around the world. Most hotels in Bhutan are built alongside the pristine nature and eco-friendly surroundings. The high-end luxury hotels in Bhutan will please you with amazing vistas making you experience the elegant lifestyles of Bhutanese with a lap of luxury. Druk Heritage Tours recommends these exclusive luxury hotels in Bhutan such as Six Senses, Aman Kora, Uma, Le Meridien, and Zhiwa Ling. 

Hotel rooms in Bhutan

Luxury hotels in Bhutan include king-size bedrooms, hot bathtubs, locally-made Bukhari – a traditional room heater and most importantly offers local delicacies and cuisines from around the world. Druk Heritage Tours offers you quality services with well-planned itineraries that align with your personal values to make a delightful trip to Bhutan.

The pristine nature and diverse flora and fauna await you in the peaceful country, also known as the last Shangri-la. Druk Heritage Tours, the best travel agent in Bhutan will guide you and make your stay a memorable one. What are you waiting for? 

Plan and apply now for your next trip to Bhutan with Druk Heritage Tours and live a simple yet luxurious life.

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