How much does it cost to go to Bhutan?


Bhutan is an alluring destination that should be on your bucket list! (PC – @manfrom_east )

The mystical nation of Bhutan is one most culturally rich, naturally aesthetic, and spiritually enriching places ever to exist. We are sure that every cell in your body wanted to travel to Bhutan when an article about the happiest place on Earth or a TedTalk about a carbon- negative country in Asia popped up on your screen. An all-inclusive holiday to Bhutan is a once-in-a-lifetime chance that many don’t take because it is one of the most expensive trips in the world. The unforgettable adventures, beautiful scenic places, and life-changing self-discovery will help you redeem all the time lost during 2020 making this a lucrative journey value for money. Read along to find how much does it cost to go to Bhutan and other financial aspects to plan luxury travel to the land of the thunder dragon:

How much does it cost to go to Bhutan?


Bhutan is not as expensive as everyone thinks it to be! (PC: @gyatso.btn )

Traveling to Bhutan is extravagant compared to the neighboring countries of India, Nepal, and Bangladesh. The government has commissioned a minimum daily visa fee of $250 per person in the peak season (spring and autumn) and $200 per person during the low season (summer and spring). An extra $40 per day is added for solo travelers, and for a private tour, another $30 per day, per person is charged. For students and children of ages 5-12, some discounts on the visa fees are available. 


The famous Tigress Nest everybody visits Bhutan for. (PC: @gyatso.btn)

Note: Nationals from India, Maldives, and Bangladesh (previously exempted from the daily visa fees) have to pay Rs. 1,200 (about $16) per day per person during their stay in Bhutan and are not mandated to go on a tour. Anyone invited into the country by a Bhutanese national is exempted from the daily visa fee. 

An additional cost is incurred to avail more luxurious accommodations such as in 5-star hotels and resorts and for trekking and camping trips.

Why that cost?


Bhutan’s tourism policy ensures that the green mountains, its’ culture, and people are protected. (PC: @gyatso.btn ) 

Bhutan’s policymakers have slapped a high daily tariff to attain a ‘High value, low impact’ tourism. The concept of ‘high value, low impact’ tourism limits the number of tourists entering the country but ensures those entering are presented with the highest level of service, hospitality, and courtesy. Bhutan sustains its’ pristine environment with a stringent tourism philosophy, preserves its’ unique culture and traditions, and boosts its’ economy (both locally and regionally). This smart and holistic approach to managing the tourism industry has prevented the aggravating effects of mass tourism on Bhutan’s tiny nation, establishing it has a heavenly haven.


With high daily visa fees, Bhutan keeps the quality of tourism high. (PC: @gyatso.btn )

Portions of the high daily expenses will be used to fund the government as internal taxes, environmental costs, visa fees, etc. About 40$ of your daily visa fee will go to the government for welfare activities of free basic education, healthcare, and poverty elimination. And unlike other states, you can be assured your money is going in the right place with every school going children fluent in Basic English, free medical appointments and treatments, and assessable road connections. 

And finally, the most important reason why traveling to Bhutan is so costly is that you are paying for everything you’ll need in advance. Excluding the tax that’s going to the government, the rest of the daily fee will work for you. The remainder of the daily tourist fee goes into the payment for the tour operators and related logistics. Significant portions of your daily visa tariff go into paying the tour operator, which also helps you obtain a tourist visa to Bhutan, offers tour packages and plans with comprehensive programs, and arranges a tour guide, driver, and accommodation.


An autumn shot of Tashichho Dzong, Bhutan’s seat of administration. (PC: @gyatso.btn )

We recommend booking your ecstatic tour in Bhutan with the best travel company in Bhutan, Druk Heritage Tours.

How to cut down costs?


Thimphu Valley, the capital city of Bhutan (FYI: The only capital city without traffic lights)

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Traveling to the elusive destination of Bhutan is a privilege that needs a lot of commitment as money. Use these simple money-saving tactics, so you don’t have to break the bank to get to Bhutan: 


Winter in Thimphu – Buddha Dordenma (PC: @gyatso.btn )

– We recommend you to travel during the off-season (summer and winter) if you’re a bit too tight on budget. Bhutan has spectacular sights, scintillating experiences, and warm people to offer all year round. So, you instantly save $50 per person per day without missing out on much of Bhutan.

– One of the most economical ways to get to Bhutan is to travel in a group. You will not only save $40 per person per day (imposed on solo travelers) but also get fantastic group discounts.


How much does it cost to land at this unique airport? Nothing compared to this view!

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– Your flight into and out of Bhutan is not included in the daily visa fees, so we recommend you book your flight to Bhutan as soon as your travel visa gets approved. The earlier you book the flight, the more money you can save.

– Getting in touch with a reliable, fast, and efficient tour agency is vital for your exclusive trip to Bhutan to succeed. One of Bhutan’s best travel companies, Druk Heritage Tours, offers the best luxury travel packages and plans at the most comprehensive rates. Booking an all-inclusive holiday with Druk Heritage Tours will save a lot of money, and also the best value for money services will be delivered. 


What are you waiting for? The beautiful streets of Bhutan are calling. (PC: @manfrom_east )

So there you have it! Traveling to Bhutan is a steep venture that scares off many people, but it is worth all the money. You contribute to one of the most sustainable, clean, and holistic economies in the world and be part of an exclusive group to experience the best. Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can get you to the happiest place on the earth (and that’s pretty close)!

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